Sunday, August 21, 2011

I See Vampires

Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent
What a great day! I slept in late for the first time in weeks! I got up around 9:30ish and wrote roughly 500 words on my wip. Around noon, mom and dad came over for a few minutes to get something out of hubby's work truck, and by then I was getting dressed to go to the movies. I dragged Oldest to Ruston to watch the new Fright Night remake, which I've been itching to see ever since I saw the trailer banner on youtube.

Fright Night 2 is still my favorite of all the movies, but the remake of the first Fright Night is pretty good. The plot was similar to the original, but with some pacing changes and updating. I have to admit I missed seeing Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent, but at the same time, David Tennant is awesomely awesome in his own right, so I have no complains seeing him as Peter. Even so, Colin Farrell won the day in my mind. He turned out to be everything you'd imagine an evil vampire to be: sexy, twisted, and scary. And as an added bonus, Toni Colette as Charley's mom! (I adored her in The Sixth Sense and Emma.) They did a great job with the casting on this one. The new Fright Night is definitely worth watching, and I'll be looking to buy a copy when it comes out on Blu-Ray/DVD.

We ate a ton of popcorn while at the theater, but that didn't stop us from going on a pizza run. On our way home from Ruston, Oldest and I stopped by the store for bake-at-home pizzas and extra trash bags. Quite the combo, right? Heh.

Anyway, Hubby and Mini were watching a repo-man show on TV, and while I told hubby about the movie, I put the first pizza in the oven. The minute I had that pizza out on the counter top, it was gone. It lasted less than 20 minutes. No kidding. The locusts swarmed on it, and before I could get the 2nd pizza out of the oven, there was nothing but crumbs left of the first. Guys and their stomachs, right? No one went hungry, but I can't help but marvel at how fast everyone wolfed down that pizza.

In a few minutes I have to put Mini in the bath and wash his hair for school. Ho hum. I miss having the little stink bug home during the day, but at the same time, I have more "me time" which is kind of good too. Although tomorrow, I imagine that "me time" will equate to a thorough house cleaning. This place is a mess. Another thing to marvel over: how does the house get so incredibly messy over just two days?

If I'm not too tired, I'll probably try for another 500 words tonight once Mini is in bed. I had an idea early on in the morning, but I had to dog it off and take care of breakfast.

So there it is, my Sunday in a nutshell. Hopefully tomorrow will be...peaceful and productive. Either or both. I'm not too picky. ~_^


  1. The original Fright Night has been and always will be *For now* my all time favorite movie of all time. I am however looking forward to seeing this remake. I've heard all kinds of good things about it.

  2. Fright Night 2 is one of my favorite movies. Hehehehe...I could watch it over and over. When you see the new FN, I'd love to hear what you think!


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