Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hope and Fairies

Ever since we got back from Washington D.C., the house has seemed unbearably hot to me. Saturday morning, I told hubby I couldn't stand it anymore. I went through the house wrapping every draft I could find, foiling windows...I didn't and don't care how redneck it looks.

The night before, I slept on the couch instead of the bed. Mini still falls asleep in our room, and before I go to bed, I pick him up and move him to his own room. (Usually he's sacked out and plenty heavy - soon I won't be able to lift him, but I digress...) Friday night I didn't move him, though. Our bedroom is the coolest room in the house, and since the house was so hot, upwards of 90 degrees in the den, I worried he would get sick.

Sleeping on the couch was a night of pure, sweaty misery. It was literally cooler outside than in the house. So on Saturday morning, I sent hubby on a mission to replace our air conditioner. The house was blazing with heat and humidity by the time hubby text'd me to say the local store was sold out. The heatwave - over a month of 100+ temperatures in our little corner of Louisiana - has been wiping out ACs right and left. Hubby came home with box fans, and within thirty minutes of turning our house into a wind tunnel, I could tell box fans was not going to be enough.

There hasn't been a day away from the car since I left for FIL's memorial, and I'm damn tired of driving, but facing the prospect of another long, hot night (and not in a good way), I put on my flip flops, shoved Oldest out the door with me, and hit the road. First, we went to Ruston. Yanno, like, on Trueblood?  Yeah, that Ruston. And guess what?  They were sold out of air conditioners, too. While there, I bought three $18.00 ceiling fans, then text'd hubby, letting him know we were hitting the Interstate, and heading to Sears in Monroe.

I picked out two air conditioners: one for my office, and one for the main part of the house. I knew I'd been saving that particular card for something special. Well, turns out it's to keep us all from sweating to death in this house. At the moment, I don't care what our electric bill turns out looking like. For the first time in days, I'm not roasting alive. I'm happy to report the house is a comfortable 78 degrees inside.

Although I'm happy now, this has been an exhausting process. First there was the driving and getting on the AC's, and then once we got them back home, we had to rearrange both my office and the den to put the AC's in the windows. That's a lot of furniture to move. Yep.

I'm glad it's finished. The house is still a little messy. I still need to clear the boxes off the dining table, but that can wait. I'm also doing laundry. Well, washing our quilt. Sassie Bea ran into the room and rolled all over the, there was all these little white doggy hairs all over everything. Tres Chic. I took the sheets, quilt, everything and tossed it off in the wash. It's not her fault, though. She hasn't had a bath since before we left for D.C., so she's definitely due for a shampoo and brushing.

Tomorrow, Mini starts 1st grade. So, I have to drive him up there, pay up his lunches, get his bus number (should be the same), and find out where his class will be. I seriously hope that little kid he doesn't get along with - the shockingly bossy kid - isn't in his class this year. Please, little baby Jesus, give us this one tiny thing to make life easier?  To have the bossy kid in a different class? We've been through enough this month already. *_*

Anyway, that's been the focal issues here at Chez Zane for the past few days: school starting, and beating the heat. I did write 2k on Friday - stuff for the Shivers story. I wrote nothing yesterday - I was too wiped out by the time I got home. I plan to get in 1k this evening before heading off to bed.

Oh! I do have more writerly news... I have the cover images picked out for the new erotic magic/fantasy collection I'm working on. The current plan for the book is to see it go straight to Kindle, Smashwords, etc. once I have it complete and formatted. It will contain At the Edge Twilight (appeared in the anthology In The Gloaming, which is out of print), The Butterfly Prince, Heart Spell (which I'm throwing in there as a kind of bonus story after the final page), a currently untitled magical short story, and two additional fae/magic geared stories. Only two stories (Heart Spell and At the Edge of Twilight) are previously released. All the others are brand new material. I'm aiming for a release this fall. If the volume turns out to be long enough, I may also make it available in a print edition. We'll see. I'll post more about the book - currently untitled - as it develops.


  1. When we lived in southern Kansas we sometimes camped in the living room for hot hot nights. Tacked towels and blankets over doors and windows, directed wide open vents to the LV and closed off bedrooms. Hubby and I took couch and recliner, kids got the floor. Maybe redneck, but way easier on the body to stay cool!

  2. I'm totally on board with whatever works, Melisse. It's seriously too hot to quibble over finery in this heat. Hubby took a temperature reading out where he was working today - 108 degrees! *_*


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