Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Gibblets: Life, Horror Movies, and Stuff

Hurray for Friday! I just got back from talking the Sassie Lass for a walk, and noticed the internet is finally back up. One of these days we'll get a proper technician out here to fix the problem. I looked up some information about the router the net service installed for us, and the brand is known to have issues. Somehow I'm surprised, and yet not surprised about this. Sort of a double ended deal. They sell you the router, then you spend money with them to get it fixed. Boo. Hiss. Voodoo doll.

Fright Night opens at the theater today, and I hope to head over to Tinsel Town on Saturday to see it. Hehehe! Colin Ferrell as a vampire. Nice. I'm not sure why they decided to remake Fright Night, though. I loved the original...and I loved Fright Night 2 also. Actually, I liked Fright Night 2 better than the first one. I guess it only makes sense to remake the movie because the series wouldn't be the same without Roddy McDowall. He passed away a few years back, didn't he?  I think he did, though I could be wrong about that. Anyway, I can't imagine the series going forward without vampire slayer Peter Vincent.

At any rate, rather than Fright Night, I wish they'd remake 976-Evil. I tried really hard to like that movie but something I think maybe a bad script?  Turning the victim into the bad guy? Maybe because the true source of the evil was poorly established? At any rate, something wasn't kosher. They need to redo that one. They could get Giovanni Ribisi to play Hoax. *thumbs up*

Okay, enough horror movie waffling... I hope to get a few thousand words written today. Toward the late afternoon, I have a few bills to pay, and around 4 Mini will be home. I'm waiting to hear how his first spelling test goes. He looked kinda confused about the whole concept this morning before he left the house. They want me to spell this...why? Poor beast. He'll get the hang of it. ^_^

Now for some interesting links:

That's all for now. I hope you all have a happy Friday! 

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