Saturday, July 02, 2011

Website Update

Woot!  My website has a new look. I'm in the process of updating it, and getting all the links together. Moving all that content turned out to be a bigger job than I remember, even though the interface to the new site is much easier to use. So, if you pop over to expect to find a few things still in need of tweaking. I need to add my free reads, and link everything up properly. Never fear. I'm working on it.

Speaking of free reads, if you visit my Smashwords page, you'll notice My Zombie Ex-Boyfriend is down. I got an email yesterday that it needs to be reformatted so it can be converted to epub, so I unpublished it while I study the formatting guide - again. What a complicated pain in the ass. Of course, I'm a bit ham-fisted with tech stuff. I know there are folks who can format documents in their sleep. Oh how I wish...but no. Not my specialty.

I also need to format At the Edge of Twilight (from In the Gloaming anthology) as well as The Butterfly King, and What She Doesn't Know, so I can get them up on Smashwords and Amazon but I haven't had the time yet. Sometime this month, I'm going to set aside a time block to get it done and out of my hair.

The thing with My Zombie Ex-Boyfriend, it's one of those short stories people either really love, or totally hate, so I was debating whether to bother adding it back up there. Yeah, I know you can't please everyone all the time, but I'm neurotic like that. Truth told, I'd hate to have my readers go looking for it on a torrent site in a fit of desperation, and risk infecting their computers. So I'll probably do a dust and polish, then pop it back up there in a few weeks. Or maybe I should hold off until I can add in what was supposed to be the 2nd half of it - I'd intended to do it as a separate download, but what the heck?  I guess that's something to waffle over and add to my "possibly to-do" list.

On the writing front, I'm about 1/2 way through the plotting/pre-writing phase of this new story for EC. I have two minor world building kinks to work out, and I need to iron out all the fine details for the ending, then I should be ready to sit down and write this puppy from start to finish.

Once this story is out of the way, I'm going to wholeheartedly tackle this YA piece that I've had a few requests for. I've had to spend some time acquainting - or rather, reacquainting - myself with the genre. The other night on twitter, @literaticat tweeted a link to a post on her blog about the ideal word counts for YA and MG stories. That's a really good craft post, and you can find it here: WordCount Dracula. It's worth a look.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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