Friday, July 29, 2011

Three Swords, One Heart

I had an interesting tarot reading earlier this evening. It really hit close to home with family issues, my writing, and...well, pretty much the whole package. With hubby's dad so close to crossing over, we are stressed, emotionally wrung-out, and doing everything we can to be prepared for a phone call we know is going to come eventually. Every time I hear the phone ring, I cringe and my heart starts racing. Is this going to be the call? I can only imagine that for everything I feel, it must be threefold for hubby. It's hard watching him struggle through all this.

Every day is like walking on egg shells, and it's been very difficult to keep up with my writing. Motivation is very hard won right now, but I'm forcing myself to just do it. Just write.  Not over think things and just write for the moment. Get the words on the page. For now, for me, it's enough. So for everyone else waiting on me, it's going to have to be enough for them, too.

Moving away from that topic... Earlier today, I saw one of the literary agents from The Knight Agency had posted on twitter about a letter than had gone out about them offering a self-publishing service. You can find the letter here. The authors pay for outside copy editing if they want it. The agent takes the standard 15% in fees for the services they provide, which includes uploading the book. This is an optional service available to their authors, not mandatory, and authors can still self-publish on their own if that's their choice.

I'm sure they have clients who will take advantage of the self-publishing service, and I would imagine for those that "need" this service because they aren't tech savvy, it could be the right thing for them to do. However, it makes me a little sad to see one more agency heading into publishing, whether it's optional for the client or not. For better or worse, I'm convinced there are going to be many more agencies out there that will be going down this path soon enough.


  1. I know this is difficult time for you, you have to be strong to face the consequences. Keep up the good work.

  2. My heart goes out to you and your husband. We just went through this with my husband's father. They were never close but the pain of the lost is still there. Now he is dealing with the aftermath with the will and family members wanting their "due". It's all very stressful not only on him but on me having to watch him go through this. I wish y'all the best and that all goes peacefully.

  3. Thanks, y'all. I appreciate the good thoughts.

    SarahFay, very sorry to hear you and your family are going through all that. Oh boy, I understand. I really do. ((hugs)) Best wishes, okay? Hopefully things will settle down for you soon.

  4. Hi..Its really interesting to read..Thanks a lot for such sweet blog..keep posting..


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