Thursday, July 14, 2011

Something, Created

Thunderstorms rolled through early this morning, and it rained just long enough to make the grass perky and the rest of the day hot as blue blazes. A lot of little piddling things went wrong all afternoon, just enough to color the day as a total annoying loss. Hubby dented the hood of his Jeep not long after he made it home from work. Yes, the Jeep was parked, and to top it off, we are paying the fucker off next week. That sort of thing. It's enough to make me want to break out the voodoo doll...

I spent much of the day working on the erotic horror story. My characters are evolving, and I'm pleased with the direction the story itself is taking. Last night I began adding a few scenes to the plot structure, just playing around with possibilities. Slowly but surely, it's growing.

This evening, while listening to the Zoe Moon Astrology show, I dropped by Samhain Publishing and noticed the guidelines for their new horror line have been posted here:  I believe the first horror books go live in October, so if you're looking to break in with a horror book, get your manuscripts together and submit something. Also, don't forget, Ellora's Cave has a brand spanking new erotic horror line also.  This is something for horror kids everywhere to be excited about. The genre hasn't had this many new publishing opportunities in a short eternity.

If you weren't on twitter a little earlier this evening, you missed a very cool #bookcountry chat. The topic was about creating likable characters. It's harder than it sounds! You can still view all the posts, if you go to and put #bookcountry in the search box. (For the folks new to twitter - yes, add the number symbol to your search!)  It should bring up everything that was posted with the chat hashtag.

Apparently there will be another Book Country on July 28th. The special guest is going to be @lilithsaintcrow , and the topic covered will be about writers blogs/websites - what works and what doesn't. Sounds like it'll be worth a look!

Now...onto more pressing events. I have to go do the dishes and laundry. What fun! Any volunteers to help? *crickets* Yeah, I thought so. ~_^

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