Friday, July 01, 2011

RWA Wrap Up

The RWA National Conference is winding down. The awards ceremony is going on, and I'm watching the tweets while working on this latest story for EC. I tell you, even though I stayed home and watched the entire shebang on twitter, I feel like I was there in spirit. I met some cool folks, and I learned a ton. Big thanks to all the people who tweeted, and to the folks who allowed live streaming. I attended everything I had access to. I appreciate you!

I've retweeted a ton of awesome information from the conference if you care to view it through my twitter feed. Just go to my profile on twitter, and scroll through everything.

I managed to pick up some info on EC as well. Stuff that wasn't tweeted, but that I found very important. I <3 Ellora's Cave books, and hope to publish through there for a long time to come. I was very jazzed to learn they're still developing their Shivers and Kink line - big hurray!  They are also still working to develop the Branded line, which is interesting, but I don't know a whole bunch about it.

Last night while doing a google search for editors, I found out that Don D'Auria has moved to Samhain Publishing. I'm thrilled this guy is still around. He worked as a/the horror editor for Dorchester before they changed their business model and all the cuts and changes and hocus pocus started. I hoped he would show up some where else, and I'm glad he's found a new post. I hope this means that Samhain will be putting out more horror titles?  Anyone got info on that?

I'm sad nationals is almost over. I've been caught up in the excitement since I started reading about friends and editors packing for the trip. I tell myself one of these days I'll have the pleasure of attending. Until then, I'll live vicariously through everyone else. ;o)

Big congrats to all the RITA and Golden Heart winners!

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