Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Unmotivation

It's definitely Monday. I woke up totally unmotivated. I forced myself to get out of bed, and then had to force myself to write. I knocked down 1k earlier today, but after that I'd reached my limit and took off to the living room to read for a bit. At least I managed to get a few words on paper. That's what matters.

An hour or so ago, Hubby called to let me know his flight is delayed out of Houston. Boo. Hiss. If push comes to shove, he can always stay with my family over there. Still, I'm ready for the big guy to be home. I get the vibe he's ready to be here, too. The entire ordeal with DC has been mentally and emotionally draining for all of us. And think - just when you're ready to be home, there's nothing like being stuck at the Houston airport for tons of fun, right?

Too, Mini has been asking for his dad, and I keep telling him it won't be much longer now. It's hard for the lil bear to be patient, though. To him it feels like his dad has been gone forever, when it's only been a few days. In about an hour, I'll go start working on supper. I'm gonna call him into the kitchen to help. He can help me put the beef steaks in the oven and all that jazz. It will keep him occupied until the man makes it home.

Speaking of Mini, he bit into a burrito last night and it loosened his front tooth the rest of the way. That tooth was barely hanging in there to start, after the burrito incident that sucker was hanging on by a spider's thread. He was talking funny afterward; that tooth was so loose and dangly. He wouldn't pull it though. It bled a bit, and that had him freaked out and whiny, and declaring he would never, ever be able to eat again. You know, kid drama. I worried he'd swallow the darn thing in his sleep. 

This morning he marched into my office displaying his freshly plucked tooth. It tickled me to pieces the way he was so proud of himself. What a guy. I hugged him big, told him we'd wrap it up for the tooth fairy tonight. Now, he's a complete snaggler. His two front teeth are missing. I need to break out the camera and take some pics to commemorate this milestone. It's part of my mom duty, I think. ;o)

And that's a wrap. The big news today is laundry. I'm trying to get it all washed and put away before Hubby brings his bags home. Tonight I'll probably try to get in another 1k. It all depends. We'll have to wait and see.

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