Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Making Room on the Keeper Shelf

Sorry there hasn't been as much blogging this week. Honestly, I've been kind of tired and burned out. Hubby is heading out to Washington DC to see his dad this weekend, and this will probably be the last time he gets to see him. It's been very emotional at home, and tough on every front.

I'm in the middle of my book for the Shivers line, but I had to stop for a breather. It's hard to concentrate and be creative with so much home stuff going on. Instead of trying to push creatively when I'm just too stressed out to write, I've been on a mission to learn more about layering conflict and building realistic character goals.

Instead of writing, I've been reading a lot lately. Fiction, of course. Lately I've picked up a couple of Harlequins across different lines, and a couple of erotic romance e-books from different places around the net. I've also been reading a lot of non-fiction.

For the non-fiction, I very recently read Kate Walker's 12 Points Guide to Writing Romance, which has probably the clearest, no nonsense explanation of layering conflict out there. She also explains the difference between types of conflict very well. I learned a lot just from the section on conflict. That said, I highly recommend the 12 Points Guide. I also recently read The Complete Guide to Heroes & Heroines: Sixteen Master Archetypes by Tami Cowden. That's a very good book, too. Both of these are destined for my keeper shelf.

I'm currently reading The Art of War for Writers by James Scott Bell. I haven't gotten far enough into it to say yay or nay, but it came highly recommended, and I like the short, to the punch sections. I may have to come back and post more about that one later. Another one from the TBR stack is Fiction First Aid, by Raymond Obstfeld. I haven't had a chance to flip through that one yet, but it's next up after "Art of War".

So that's the deal. I'm reading and plotting, and trying to keep the creative fires burning. Hm. I'm thinking the creative fires could probably be helped along by a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Maybe I should confer with Mini about that.


  1. The Art of War for Writers is a great bathroom book. Yeah, I know, it sounds weird. But, as you said, the short punchy words of wisdom are just that: quick and to the point.

    Glad you're writing, Cora!

  2. I may try to tackle a few of the writer books I have laying around. I want to finish the edits on NLS first though. Hope everything settles down. Stress is not good for your body , and you've had more than your share this year. ((hugs)) Love and light, CC

  3. It would definitely make a good bathroom book! Hehehe! ^_^ I'm about mid-way through Art of War right now. A very quick read. I like that.

  4. I'm sure you'll make quick work of those edits, Cassie. Let me know if you need me to look over anything.

    I tell you, just when I think I've bought my last writing help book, 3 more arrive on my doorstep from Amazon. :P And I learn something new from each one of them. Yep. There's no helping me. ((hugs))


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