Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kindle Love and Crawfish

Let me just say...I ♥ my Kindle. I totally adore this thing. Hubby ran off to the store for something early on Sunday morning, and when I woke up he was already back home. When I walked into my office, there was a brand new Kindle in the box and a leather case for it. He's such a peach. Kisses to hubby.

I registered everything and transferred my Desktop Kindle reads to the new e-reader. 43 books. Heh. I need to go through there and remove some of the books I've already read. Anyway, the first book I purchased for the Kindle was The Deal Breaker by Cassandra Curtis.

I'm pleased with how easy it is to buy the books and transfer to the Kindle. Easy peasy, and I already had an established account, so I didn't have to go through all the new account creation garbage. I had it all taken care of in less than 10 minutes. Now Oldest has my Sony Pocket, which is practically brand new. I've read only four books on it. I just never picked it up and ran with it for some reason.

So anyway, I'm currently reading a very raunchy and gross out vampire novel that was from the early 1990s. I'm not sure how I feel about this one, since the writing is fine, but all the females in the book, regardless of age and occupation - even the heroine, are portrayed as nympho-whores who fall to their knees anytime they glance at a male crotch. I wish I was joking about that, but sadly, no. I don't know if the author has some serious beef against women, or if this is a major wish fulfillment book or what, just...wow. Wow, dude. I'm not some hardcore feminist; I'm not someone to go crying about glass ceilings, but this reeks of some serious issues. I mean...whew! The whole angle of the book... I've never read a book like this one. So, for that reason, I'm not going to promote the title and author. I've never felt uncomfortable about promoting someone before, but I guess there's a first time for everything.  Moving along...

On Monday, I didn't blog because hubby and I took Mini with us to Ruston and spent the day there. First things first, we paid off our house. Big hurray for that. Then we went out to eat at the Cajun Kitchen. I got the crawfish platter, and it came with a ton of food - all of it crawfish based, of course. Crawfish etouffee, crawfish salad, baked potato stuffed with crawfish, crawfish pie (which hubby ate), and fried crawfish. Yum. Yum. Yum. I'm writing all this and I'm about to take Oldest to the Panda for lunch. I'm a little hungry. It was good, though.

One more thing before I go. My crit partner told me yesterday that BookEnds is opening a self publishing arm at their literary agency. I only know what I've read, and....well, I can only say it's not something I'd be interested in, even though I imagine there will be more literary agents to come that will follow this route. There is a lot of good dialogue in the comments. If you drop by to check it out, I encourage you to read through all of it.

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