Friday, July 22, 2011

Horror Imprints and Romancing My Shivers

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I'm on Haus Frau duty today. I have errands to run, bills to pay, and once that's over, I'll be coming back home to do household chores. Joy, right? I'd rather be doing something, anything, else, but but by getting it all out of the way today, I'll be able to work full throttle on my Shiver story tomorrow. Last night I wrapped up all the necessary research details, now I need to go back over the plot skeleton and see where I have all my romantic vs. horror elements. Things are really shaping up. I just hope I have room to squeeze in one more character - a possible love interest.

Speaking of writing and all that jazz, for those of you interested in Samhain Publishing's new horror effort, a web page for the venture has gone live. You can find it here: It's worth a look.

Based on what I've read, Samhain Horror plans to publish two books a month, which will match Dorchester Publishing's (horror imprint) rate of release. Plus, Samhain will also be taking on novellas, and that makes me wonder if we can expect any horror anthology calls in the near future.

Overall, I like the look of the new publishing program, and wouldn't hesitate to submit there. Samhain has a very good reputation as a publisher, their editors are top notch, and they pay their authors on time. That aside, with only two publishing slots a month for the horror program, and factoring in any potential submissions arriving from established/agented and/or in-house authors, I'm curious what the rejection rate and wait time is going to be like for this new imprint. I hope there will be additional editors coming in to help Samhain Horror grow - and build its presence in the marketplace.

Dorchester/Leisure has always had a painfully slow response time on slush pile submissions (up to 2 years) - not so surprising in a print house, but I don't think of that as being normal or acceptable in a digital first publishing landscape. I'm really, really hoping this doesn't transfer over to the new horror publishing model, but I guess we'll have to wait and see what develops. Whatever the case, I'm happy to see a new horror market on the rise. It's needed, and long overdue.

That's all for now. I need to hop into the shower and wash my hair. Too, I better make the Oldest kid get out of bed. I swear, he's gonna sleep his life away at this rate. :P  Happy Friday, everyone!

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