Friday, July 15, 2011

Grasshoppers and Master Characters

Is it really Friday?  I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I went most of today thinking it's Thursday. Not sure how that happened. The day got off to a weird start anyway. I sat down at my desk with my first cup of coffee, and when I looked up over my computer monitor, there was a moving shadow behind the curtain. A buggy shadow. I thought for sure it was a wasp.  

I'm terrified of wasps, so I slowly left my office for the can of wasp spray I keep on top of the fridge for paranoid emergencies such as this. I came back into the office, used the end of a pencil to pull back the edge of the curtain and the wasp leaped to top of the curtain, and began rubbing it's back legs together. Yeah. Okay. That's when I realized it was a grasshopper, not a wasp. 

I had no qualms about letting a grasshopper hang out with me, so I put the wasp spray back on top of the fridge and sat down with my coffee. Two seconds later, the grasshopper dive-bombed me. I assure you, harmless insect or not, this was not funny. I honestly think he was aiming for my coffee cup. It's a miracle I didn't end up wearing my coffee instead of drinking it.

Even so, I hoped the grasshopper might be a good omen, so I did a quick search to see if that might be the case. As it turns out, he is!  I'm certainly not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. ;o)

I kicked off the actual writing of the erotic horror story today, and worked on that til lunch time. Right as I was making lunch my godfather arrived. He'd come over to visit, and since we had nothing better to do, I took him out to see the fig tree. He's all about that kind of stuff. He picked a bunch of figs to take home, and we chatted for a while. Mini came outside and ended up chasing Petunia and Oldest Kippy cat around.

Not long after godfather left, my dad called. We chatted for a long time on the phone. Just fun stuff. A good conversation all around. I'm gonna drive over there and pay a visit this to the parentals tomorrow. I planned to do that anyway, but now it's kind of a must, since Sassie Lassie chewed a hole in my favorite maple leaf quilt. I discovered the hole this morning while making the bed and nearly had a conniption fit. I'm going to see if my dear ol' mommy can patch the quilt for me. I can spare several layers of dog hide and fur if need be.

Once everything settled down after godfather, then dad, and eventually lunch, I sat down to do a bit of research online and realized the internet was down. Le sigh. I gave up trying to work, and took a few writer craft books to the couch to read instead.

I read several sections from 45 Master Characters by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, and found the section on secondary characters very interesting. I can't wait to try some of the techniques in that section alone. I've been focusing a lot of characterization and emotion in fiction lately, rather than plot. Basically, I'm starting over with the learning process, just from a different level. I guess it's true what the experts say: we never stop learning.

Now that I'm back online, I better get my researching done since I never know when the internet fairy is gonna start messing with my net connection again. Usually she waits until the last possible moment, but I think she's been kinda bored lately. I better not press my luck.That said, I hope you have a relaxing weekend.


  1. Growing up I was told never to kill a grasshopper/cricket in the house because that would cause bad luck. During the spring and fall somehow we always get crickets in the basement. They climb the stairs and end up in the living room. Just one or two at a time. My poor husband, I make him catch them and take them outside. One it's bad luck to kill them in the house and two it's quite entertaining to watch him try and catch the crickets :p

  2. I'm just glad the grasshopper didn't drink your coffee. :-) ((hugs))


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