Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dreaming of Reading

I fell asleep on the couch early, early this morning while reading about female archetypes, and actually dreamed I was wide awake and lying there reading. I could hear the TV in the dream and everything.  Hubby woke me up around 4 a.m., and I realized I'd dropped the book on my face. Comfortable, no? I guess I decided to learn through dreams and osmosis, or something like that.

Anyway, I'm still reading through 45 Master Characters by Victoria Lynn Schmidt. I'm on page...193. This is definitely the best of the archetype books I've read so far. It's well thought out, and explains more than the other books I've purchased. It shows the positive and negative sides of each character archetype, and different ways they could be paired with other archetypes to create drama and conflict. There is also a very helpful section on secondary character types, and when I was flipping through the book, I noticed there are worksheets for journey mapping  in the appendix. 

On to writerly things, I'm still working on the Shivers story. I suppose I should put up a word range counter or something, but they are always so damn huge and ugly I hate to add one. So text updates will have to do for now. I wrote for a little while yesterday, then stopped to do a bit of research on Shamanism. Interesting stuff. I also talked to my editor, and let her know that I'd have this book to her sometime at the end of summer. She's so busy, I doubt she'll even think about it, bless her heart. At any rate, I've hitting a comfortable stride with it, and plan to spend a few days next week scene planning for the midpoint of the book. It's the best way to avoid the dreaded sagging middle.  

I found an interesting article through one of my writing groups. Cozy mystery author Ellery Adams has posted a financial breakdown on what she makes for her titles. The article is on the BookEnds agency blog. These figures seem very reasonable to me - attainable for those who put their mind to it. 

Author Maya Banks recently posted her financials also. Her numbers are simply amazing, and I don't doubt there are other authors making those numbers, too. I know two people right off hand who are making similar numbers regularly. And yes, they are e-published authors. One is an ex-traditionally published author that went entirely self published when her publishing company began to have troubles. The other started out self e-published. However, that said, I want to make a note before sharing that link about Maya's figures - Your results will vary. I don't think most of us will see those kind of out-of-the-parks numbers, especially without a sizable back list, but I won't deny that anything is possible in this shifting market. New and/or unpublished authors looking to make a quick, easy ton of money just because they e-publish or self e-publish a book should be aware those numbers aren't the norm. That said, you can read about Ms. Banks' financials here

I'm out of Diet Dr. Pepper, so I guess that means its time to end this blog post. I need to get at least 1k written today, and I plan to finish reading that archetype book this afternoon. By the way, I still need to finish reading The Fire in Fiction. (Got side tracked with the archetypes book!) I'll post my thoughts about Fire in Fiction once I've read the book cover to cover. Over and out!


  1. Sounds to me like you were lucid dreaming and doing a good job of it, integrating everything you were learning in a dream within a dream. :D

  2. Girl, I was even turning pages in the dream. Very realistic. ^_^


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