Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Lazy Sunday

What a lazy Sunday. You won't hear me complain at all about that. Last night, I stayed up late doing tarot readings with Cassie at the Midnight Moon Cafe in Awen. I did seven or eight readings, so that's a pretty good amount, I think.

I got up around nine this morning and talked to hubby on the phone. He's still in DC, though he will be on his way home tomorrow. He should be in late that afternoon, and we're all ready to see him. Mini has asked for his dad several times, and I've distracted him with movie marathons, and a few rounds of Trouble and Hi Ho Cherry-oh.

Today I read for a little while, napped on the couch, and wrote a few pages on the Shivers story. I pretty much know the direction I want to go with the plot now. I'm going to sit down and work through some scene pages later tonight, just kind of make a rough plot outline to work from. Having a sketch of the story that goes from point A to point Z will help me make sure I don't leave out anything interesting or important.

Oh! Early this morning, right before bed, I had this epiphany about the YA story I've been waffling over. It happened very out of the blue. I ran and grabbed a note pad and jotted down a ton of notes. Very interesting stuff. While I don't think the book is ready to be re-written yet, I can see more fascinating story in the stone. So, as it grows, I think it gets a little stronger.

So, I currently have three stories on the table right now. I guess I'll check them off the list as I go. That's all for now. Mini's in the hallway dancing to get my attention. I better go tickle the stuffin's out of him before it's time to cook supper. 

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