Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wicked Obsession Available at Cobblestone Press

Woot! It's finally here. Wicked Obsession is now available at Cobblestone Press.

About the book

After a tumultuous recovery from Biter’s Addiction, Eleni Audridov knows one misstep may lead the vampire council to blot her disgraced bloodline from the Book of Acolytes. Sent to live with a mal vampire in southern France, she hopes to start her life over, free of her past sins.
Scarred, both physically and emotionally, Julian Sévigné reluctantly accepts Eleni as his duty-bound lover. Despite his resistance to her charms, passion soon flares between them. He never dreamed his obsession with her would rouse the sleeping demons of his past. Will jealousy and secrets he thought long buried tear them apart?
If you tried to buy my book yesterday, but couldn't find it on the site, I'm terribly sorry about that! There was a slight delay with the releases coming out this week, but the good folks over at Cobblestone fixed it as quickly as possible.

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