Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wicked Obsession, among other things

Woot! I just wrapped up edits for Wicked Obsession. The book will be available through Cobblestone Press on June 24th.

I'll be posting more about the book once I have the cover. I don't have the official blurb, and it's not on the website yet, so I'm posting the unedited teaser blurb so anyone interested can take a sneak peak.

About Wicked Obsession:

After a tumultuous recovery from Biter's Addiction, Eleni Audridov knows one misstep may lead the vampire council to blot her disgraced bloodline from the Book of Acolytes. Sent to live with a mal vampire in southern France, she hopes to start her life over, free of her past sins.

Scarred, both physically and emotionally, Julian Sevigne reluctantly accepts Eleni as his duty-bound lover. Despite his resistance to her charms, passion soon flares between them. He never dreamed his obsession with her would rouse the sleeping demons of his past. Will jealousy and secrets he thought long buried tear them apart?

Wicked Obsession will be my first published novel, and it is the sequel to the award-winning novella, Wicked Temptation. Both books are through Cobblestone Press.

Onto other writerly goings-on for me, July 14th, I'll be at Coffeetime Romance talking about Wicked Obsession, and I'll be giving away a copy of Connection, my cyber android vampire story. Haha! I just love saying that. Cyber android vampires. Brings a tear to my eye. I love that little story, and I hope you'll drop by to visit me over there. A lot of authors, fourteen or fifteen, will be doing promo and giveaways that day, so it's a good opportunity to look a some great new releases coming out, and maybe win yourself a brand-spanking new ebook! I'll post more details as the event draws closer.

Now that I've wrapped up Wicked Obsession, I've been going through my notes this morning. Soon, I'll plotting out my next novel. Like I've said, I plan to use the First Draft in 30 Days method, and of course, I'll be charting the GMC of all my characters during pre-writing. So...the cycle starts again!

I do hope to turn out a short story before I take off into this longer piece. Something fun and sexy. I may make that my goal for the weekend - to just write something short and fun. We'll see what developes.

That's all the blogging stuff I got for now. Today is an errands day for me, so I better get crackin'. (Seriously, crackin' and not Kraken!) I still have to run to the grocery store, balance my checkbook, bathe the Sassie beast, and fold a mountain of laundry. You know. All the finer things in life. ;o)


  1. Wicked Obsession sounds fabulous, Cora! I can't wait to read it. :)

  2. Thanks, Nikki! :*)


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