Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Conference, Navy Boy, & Lotsa Stuff

There's been so much going on...where to start? Mini lost a baby tooth on Thursday. He's officially a snagglepuss, since it was a front tooth - the left one if I remember correctly.

Then on Friday, Oldest officially became a Navy guy. He scored a 93 on the ASVAB, and went through MEPs. He told me about the score and I was so thrilled for him. That's better than his old score. I think I must've called everyone in the family to let them know the good news. Then Friday afternoon, he called again to let me know he's going into the meteorology/oceanography program. I'm so very, very proud of my baby boy! :*)

Today I attended the Summer Writing Workshop at Bossier Parish Community College. The keynote speaker was Debra Dixon, who gave her awesome Goal Motivation Conflict workshop. Once the main workshop was over, we had a short lunch break then moved over to the G building for the workshop tracks. There were three workshops going on at a time, so you had to choose. I had a hard time picking some of the workshops. There were three others I really, really wish I could've taken. I ended up sitting in on Agenting 101, which was given by Michelle Grajkowski of Three Seas Literary Agency. After that I took a workshop on Bringing Your Characters to Life, given by Shelia Goss. I took about four pages of notes on the character workshop, and plan to try some of her methods when I go to put together my next book.

The E-Publishing Basics workshop was one of the last of the day. I was pleased with the turnout. I believe we had 17. I know I only had one worksheet left, so, that was pretty good. Keri Ford and I went over the worksheets, and talked about e-publishing and answered attendees questions. I think it went very well. One lady even stopped me in the bathroom to tell me it was a good workshop. ^_^

After the workshops, I walked over to the F building for the panel - the last event before the book signings. The panel members were Michelle Grajkowski, Debra Dixon, and authors Janet Mullony and Kerrilyn Sparks. They answered questions from the attendees - great panel, and overall a very nice conference. I'd go again in a heartbeat.

I left during the booksignings since I was facing a long drive home. Lemme tell ya, I am exhausted! First thing home... off with the shoes and on with the pajamas!  I'm now relaxing a bit before moving off to the living room to watch a movie. Tomorrow morning, I'll be tackling my final round of edits for Wicked Obsession.

I think it's safe to say, I'm having an eventful weekend. ;o)


  1. Cora, it was awesome to see you yesterday, and YES, the epub workshop was wonderful--I'm so sorry I had to cut out early to get ready for panel. You and Keri brought a great deal of information to the surface, and I loved how everyone was full of questions, which you two answered beautifully. I'm seriously excited about exploring the epublishing world now.

    Overall, we did have a wonderful, informative, fun workshop. And for the price? Couldn't be beat. Best wishes with your edits today! ;)

  2. Yes, it does sound like you are keeping yourself very busy.

  3. Thanks, Nikki! It was great to see you too! You did a great job with the panel and everything went so smoothly...Amy, Connie, Winnie, and Phylis really outdid themselves with this conference.

    I thought we'd get only a handful of people for our particular workshop, so I was really surprised by the turn out. It all went very well.

    And like you said...the price for the entire conference couldn't be beat.

  4. Mary, it's something new every day. LOL Just today, I realized I've already got stuff planned for March of next year. CRAZY! ^_^

  5. Life is forever changing and it's not too bad keeping busy so long as you save time out for the fun stuff. :-)

    Congrats on Navy boy making good, your workshop going swimmingly, and the edits, which I know you'll finish in record time. ((hugs))


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