Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Ideas Brewing

Ack! I've been trying to post this afternoon but my net connection keeps crapping out on me. Anyway, I've having fits and panic attacks since yesterday. So much came down on me all at once. The internet was out for most of the day, and hubby had to call the ISP and have them reset the connection...or some such thing. Then we got a call that his dad was rushed back to Walter Reed by ambulance. He's stable, but in the hospital still, and we have no idea when they plan to release him. IF they plan to release him. Hubby is flying out to DC in 2 weeks. It's the soonest we could get him a guest room at the veteran's home.

Also, yesterday was my release day for Wicked Obsession. This week's books went up a bit late on the site, so I was kinda sweating over that, too, but it's all fixed now. Whew! That's one less worry off my plate. Today I'm brainstorming and compiling notes. There's this one story idea that I'm really excited about, but I haven't plotted it far enough yet to start writing. Soon, though. Very soon.

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