Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Booth at Bookstacks in Awen :: Second Life

Sorry for the foggy picture! If you're in Second Life, I have a new booth at the Book Faire in Awen (Bookstacks), right next door to the Midnight Moon Cafe.

Second Life users: You can log in directly to the Boostacks Pub (Awen Region) by typing Awen into the location drop-down bar before logging in. Or you can search inworld for Bookstacks. If you have Second Life running, you can click this SLurl to take you to the Midnight Moon Cafe inworld:

If you touch the poster, you should receive an excerpt and goodies available for inworld use. The excerpt is for Wave Rider, a contemporary erotica available through Cobblestone Press - a hot story perfect for summer reading!

About Wave Rider:
Sunny Richards' vacation at an exclusive Bonaire resort takes an adventurous turn when she meets a sexy Venezuelan surfer staying in one of the waterfront chalets next door.

After an erotic interlude on the beach, he invites her to his suite where he introduces her to his equally handsome friend, Matteo. The three spend a scorching hot evening together riding wave after wave of pleasure. It's a sexy summer vacation Sunny will never forget.

Wave Rider is an erotica short story for readers 18 and older. This title contains explicit language, graphic sex, & ménage.

Cool things to note: Bookstacks is a quiet, dedicated community of readers located in the Awen region. If you explore the Book Faire, you'll find a booth for a few of my other titles, as well as book booths for my partner in crime, Cassandra Curtis. Next door to the Book Faire, we have several sitting areas at the Midnight Moon Cafe and a library of our books with excerpts. There is also a free wishing well, a picnic area, a graveyard and dance area with sitting places for reading or relaxing inworld. Also, there is the main pub for Bookstacks, which has tons of seating areas. And there is a castle with seating areas for horror readers and fans of Emerian Rich. Drop by the island and check it out!

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