Monday, June 06, 2011

Got Me All Tied Up


Round one of the Wicked Obsession edits are finished. I turned them in at around 3 am on Sunday morning. While waiting on round two of the edits to come in, I've been organizing notes to send to my workshop partner for the upcoming Summer Writing Conference hosted by my local RWA Chapter - NOLAStars. There is a schedule of events listed on the site. Check it out if you're around the Shreveport/Bossier area, or willing to drive the distance.

Today I'm back to brainstorming on the new short story. I hope to pull together enough information this week to start writing it the Monday after the SWC. We'll see how hectic it gets. Ideally I'd like to have the rough draft knocked out no later than the 1st week in July. That will give me plenty of time to make any necessary revisions before submission. Anyone else about to kick off a new project?

That's all that's happening around here...except for maybe kids, dog duty, and too much dang laundry. Yesterday, while working on the workshop notes, a memory drifted in from no where. I remembered being 14, thin, tan, and excited about summer because there was actually a break involved in summer break. We had a pool back then, and lived in a very small community. When we weren't at the mall or at the movies, my friends and I were hanging out at the pool. Man, those were the days. Now, summer is about not having to get up at 6 am...because I put in 14 hours on a project and went to bed at the crack of dawn. lol Ah, adulthood and all it's responsibilites...

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