Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cover Art for Wicked Obsession

Woot! New cover art has arrived! Wicked Obsession will be available for purchase this Friday at Cobblestone Press. I can barely believe the time has slipped by this fast. Just a few short months ago I was in the plotting stages of this book. Now the release is coming up. And no doubt about it, I'm jazzed with the cover. It perfectly fits the book. Eleni and Julian make the perfect cover couple.  Le sigh. :*)

The cover art makes good for what was an otherwise tough day. It stormed early on, and while we really needed the rain, I'm not sure a power outage was the ideal trade off. We were without lights from 9:30 am to after 3pm. For us, no lights = no internet and no AC. Positively uncivilized, eh?

The guys did very well during the outage, but around 1pm, I took Mini to my mom's to wait it out the last of it, and while he was over there, mom decided to let him stay the night.

I came back home sans kiddo and hung out with Cass for a little while so we could fix some scripting issues and talk about tarot and books and all that jazzy stuff. Good times... We also put up posters for Wicked Obsession in our promo booths in SL. So a little visiting, a little busy work.

Tomorrow, after I pick up Mini, I'll be back home, and back to work on a new book. That's the way of it, I guess. Just when you get one project finished, it's time to begin again. ;o)


  1. GREAT cover, Cora! Congratulations! :)

  2. I LOVE that cover! The grin Julian's wearing is sexy as all get out, girl. Woot! Can't wait to read the whole shebang on Friday. Yeehaw!

  3. Love it! Congratulations.


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