Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Vampire Progress

Progress! Early this morning, I managed to wrap up a missing scene for my vampire novel, and I've cleaned up two more scenes. So piece by piece, it's coming together.

I had to break at 11:15 to go pick up Mini from school. He is finished with his exit testing and his teacher thrilled me when she said his reading skills are off the chart. I've been reading LOLCats to him since, oh, birth...I know that has helped.

At his school, they have been teaching him to read by using a totally different method than they taught Oldest. They teach them individual letter sounds, and then combine those letters to make nonsense words, which they have the kids sound out and read. So, while they're reading what looks like gibberish, (Um, lolcats? LOL) the skills they take away from it make it easier for them to pick up on real words and sound them out. Within Mini's first few weeks of Kindergarten, I had to ban him from my writing room when my WIP is open because he sat down on my lap and was reading full paragraphs. Thankfully I didn't have any dubious scenes open! *_*

Anyway, back to the vampires. I have about 50 pages left to clean up. Every page I work on seems to sprout five new pages. Yikes! Regardless, I hope to have this book wrapped up by the end of the week. Starting next Monday, I need to be doing the final read through. Whew! It's going to be a challenge. Wish me luck.

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