Monday, May 23, 2011

Universe 3, Cora 0

I'm on the verge of wrapping up the vampire book. I would've had it finished today, but the universe opened up a full can of crazy on me about midway through the day. So, as far as that goes, I'm also on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

On Saturday night, after the doctor's offices in town were closed, Mini came to me in howling pain with an earache. It seemed to come on out of the blue. He was fine hours earlier, no fever, no pain, was playful, etc. So, I told hubby to call the ER and ask what to do. I ended up giving him Tylenol and rocking him in the chair for most of the night, and at one point he was in such awful pain, poor kid, I took some old left over antibiotic ear drops that have a numbing agent in them down from the medicine cabinet, and gave him a fraction of the regular kid dose. Finally Mini got some relief and fell asleep.

Sunday morning, he woke up with what looked like a great gob of green snot rolling out of his ear. It was also smeared across the pillow, and across his face. Needless to say - I was horrified.  Throughout the day, he would have dime sized chunks of infection roll out of his ear. However, awful it looked, Mini told me he was no longer in pain.

I told hubby we had to get him to the doctor's office first thing Monday morning - I knew right off it was a ruptured ear drum. That's why the pain stopped. All day, pus coming out of his ear. Toward Sunday night, a watery trickle of blood. Mini says he's fine. I tell him, no, he's not.

After barely any writing on Saturday, I made up for it Sunday. I wrote all night last night, and stayed up til 6 a.m. working on the vampire book. Hubby stayed home, so I went to bed at about 6:30 this morning. By the time I'd got again up at 10 a.m., Hubby had Mini a Dr's appointment set up for the afternoon. Cool beans.

I have a horrible sinus infection right now, so I'm not really "with it" you know? I can't barely breathe, and I'm having occasional  asthma attacks, so I'm not getting much sleep to start with.  Tired, I went to my office at 10:30 and decided to wrap up the last few pages of my book - there aren't many, they just need a bit of rewriting. So, I finish up a couple of pages, and then the guys leave for the doctor. Hubby has decided to take him so I can finish up, and he can take Mini out to McD's after the appointment.

Not long after they left, someone drives up, and there is a loud knock on the door. It's the crazy neighbor lady, and she is drunk. For whatever reason, she always comes over here wanting to see Mini. I don't know this woman from Adam, Sam, or Joe Bob. She starts asking for Mini and I tell her he is not home. She then starts fake crying, telling me she loves my son so much because her four grandchildren all died, and one of them was killed. She then tells me she wants my baby, and starts begging me to bring him over, telling me she promises she'll be sober when I bring him. She says she wants to be his baby sitter and for him to call her grandma. Uh, right.

I'm just nodding, murmuring, trying to escape into the house. Of course, she won't leave. I tell her I have to go, but she then grabs me, yells "Don't leave me!" and won't let go. Next she tells me she wants to be my best friend, that we need to do stuff together, that God sent her, the world is going to rapture (I told her that was the day before yesterday), and how would I feel if someone killed my kids.

All of this tumbles out of her in a rambling mush mouth of crazy, and I'm like, alrighty, it's time for the crazy bitch to get the frak out. Instead of leaving, she grabs me into a hug, tells me I'm beautiful, again tells me she wants my baby, and starts trying to feel me up and kiss me on the lips. Attempted sexual assault, hello? I'm struggling to get away from her, and this woman - I do not even know her name, not that it matters much - is kissing me all over my face.

It takes me five minutes to get untangled from this crazy woman. I manage to escape into the house and tell her to leave through the screen door. She staggers off, gets in her little mini car/mule/go-kart thing and goes back home. I am so shaken after this, I can't even remember my mother's phone number.

After I'd calmed down enough to drive - I was shaking pretty bad - I got Oldest (who missed the entire thing!) to go with me to the police station to file a report.

Hubby and Mini got out of the doctor's office around that time, and they met me up there. Come to find out, I didn't even have to know the woman's name. I told the cops what happened and where she lives, and they exactly knew who she was! They told us she had a long arrest record for drunken and disorderly conduct, and domestic violence. Good Christ!

I told the cops I don't want her coming back to my house ever. They told us they were going out to her place and warn her to stay away from us, and our house. If she comes back, she'll be arrested. I have no idea how much good that will do...but what can I do?

So that was my Monday. Bloody frakkin appropriate. Tonight I'm going to try to wrap up these vampires so I can rest. I desperately need it. That, a shot of tequila, and a long vacation.


  1. That women is a complete nut job. I think I would get a restraining order just for good measure. People like that really irritate me.

    I hope mini is feeling better by now. Nothing worst than a sick kid and feeling helpless when you can't just fix it right away for them.

  2. Wow! Total freak! It's a good thing you filed a report. Too bad the report won't build a wall around her house, but at least it will leave a trail of paperwork.

    How's mini feeling?

  3. Thanks, ya'll. She has only come out here one time since then. It turned into another police report, but I think she gets the message now. So far so good.

    BTW, sorry for the late comments... Blogger issues have made it impossible for me to respond to comments!


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