Monday, May 09, 2011

Ode to Mom

Mom and Me, April 1976
I've had a wonderful weekend. Hubby surprised me Saturday morning with a dozen yellow ambiance roses. Later, when I went to my office, I found a brand new desktop computer waiting for me - in the boxes.

I still haven't hooked it up the new work toy yet, but I'm relieved to know it will be there for me once I finish this book. I plan to hook it up the day I send off this wip monstrosity. My precious laptop is no longer reliable like it once was. It overheads and shuts down without any warning, the space bar barely works, the left mouse button for the track pad is broken, and I'm missing an arrow key.

I spent the morning with the guys, and then around 1:30 in the afternoon, I left for my mom's house. I'm very close to both my mom and dad, and although they can drive me bonkers at times (a parental gift, I think, since I do the same to my own kids) I couldn't have asked for better, more loving parents. I fully intended to see my mom face to face on Mother's Day so I could tell her I love her.

My mom worked as a dental assistant until she had me, and after that, she fell happily into the role of mom and homemaker. She has always loved hearth and home, and enjoys sewing and cooking, and decorating the house for holidays... and basically making a comfortable life for her and dad, and those who are a part of the inner family circle. I'm very lucky and grateful to have grown up in a very close knit, mom-perfected world, where my home life was stable and comfortable, and my parents loved one another. At times I still miss that sense of security of living at home, and having mama bird watch over me. :*)

I didn't take my kids with me on this visit. I wanted it to be just me and my mom. I took her a card and a few small sewing gifts, since that's the hobby of her heart. I stayed for about four hours, and it was a really good visit. I count myself fortunate at almost 35 to still have her. I'm so grateful for my mom. She taught me so much about life, family, unconditional love, and how to be a mother to my own kids. There has been no greater influence on my life than her. I love you, mom. Happy Mother's Day!

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