Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday :: No Mercy

Oh gosh, it's been Tuesday since I last blogged. It feels like yesterday. Where did the time go?  Tsk!

I have four chapters to clean up, and I'll be finished with the middle of my vampire book. Hurray! The middle always feels like the biggest chore.

Last night, after everyone was off to bed, and Oldest was gone to a play with friends, I reprinted those four chapters, took them to the kitchen table and tore them apart.

Out of something like ten scenes, two had repeats smack in the middle of them. You know, you're writing along and you come across what you think is a better way of writing something so you jot it down? Yeah. I did that.

I ended up cutting one scene entirely, grouped the repeats together so I can pick and choose what parts I want to keep when I get to that chapter, and moving a couple of the remaining scenes around. What started out as six or seven paper clipped sections are now four. That's much more manageable. And I've almost got it whittled down to three.

So that's my mission for today: slog through those four chapters. Tonight, I'll take the ending of my book to the kitchen table and do the same thing I did with the middle. Rip it apart and regroup everything. This weekend is going to be crazy, I can feel it already, but it has to be done. Time is running out, and I need to get this all together now so I can spend next week proof reading and patching anything I might have missed.

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