Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Thousand Miles of Fire

The past few days have been a trial, and I'm feeling pretty tired and beat up from it all. But I'm the mom, so I have to put on a brave face and keep on keeping on. Thank goodness I have the hubby to watch my back, or I'd have run screaming into the wilderness by this point.

It's looking like Wicked Obsession is going to reach short novel length by the time I'm done with this thing. It seems like every page I edit/revise, three more pages sprout in it's place. Edits through the publisher may chop it back down to novella size. We'll have to wait and see. I'm not going to worry about it at this point. I need to muck my way through mid-book rewrites and get this damn thing out of here. It's been really tough going with this one since I have to stop what feels like every five minutes to deal with some new family crisis. That cabin on the lake is looking better and better at every turn.

Mini is off from school tomorrow, and I imagine he's going to be all pout-face on me until I get my work done for the day. Poor beast. Maybe we'll dye eggs or bake cookies or something once I've covered the work aspect of the day. I think he'll be more forgiving of the time I have to spend working if we do something fun. OH! And he can help me put the magnets on these...

I'll be giving these away on the blog very soon, along with a few box wallets and some pin back buttons.

Sorry for the glare! Cupcakes, fairies, piggies, and mermaids!
Oh, and a hoot owl in a tree. ^_^
There are other buttons, too!

So, there are more contests coming up. If you aren't already following me on Google Friend Connect, check out the little box on the sidebar and give me a click. If you have me added through GFC, every contest you enter, you automatically get your name added to the hat twice.

Oh! New news...This summer, I plan to re-release my erotic faerie story At the Edge of Twilight, as part of an erotic short story collection. It will be available through Smashwords. The title story was previously published through Freya's Bower. The excerpt is now posted here. I've had several people come to me looking for that particular story, so I thought I better mention it to keep from people from having to go through unnecessary searches to find the info.

So there you go. The latest from me. The guys are home, and we're settling in for a long lazy weekend. Sounds good, if you ask me.

Well, I have writing and revisions to do, so I better chop-chop!  Happy Thursday, everyone! ;o)


  1. Sounds like you've been one busy little bee! Love the buttons and heart magnets. Oh! And yay! for the re-release of your short story! Can't wait to read the whole thing!

  2. Thanks, Nikki! There is so much going on right now I can barely keep up with it all.

    I'll be making little giveaway bags with the magnets and buttons. I think they're fun and cute. I hope my readers will like them.


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