Friday, April 22, 2011

Something Looks Different

Happy Good Friday and Earth Day, y'all!

Check it out...the fabulous Emmy Ellis has made my blog look so sparkly, starry, and fresh! Thanks, Emmy! I'm completely jazzed with the new look.

So, tell me. What are your plans for this weekend?  For the most part, I'll be in the writing cave working on rewrites, but I promised Mini tonight we'd dye Easter eggs. Messy fun, and buying real eggs instead of the plastic ones helps support our local egg farmers. We always end up using all the eggs in an enormous potato salad after the hunt. Hahaha! Potato salad goes with just about everything. Grab a spoon! :9

We're supposed to head over to my Mom and Dad's house for Sunday dinner. Mom has made up baskets for the guys. In other words, she's prepared them each a pail of candy. Why, yes, I plan to do a quality check of all that candy to confiscate anything that looks questionable. Nom, nom, nom... I mean, it's what good moms do, ya know?

Before I close this post, lemme share some of the cool stuff that's inspiring me at the moment. First and foremost, the new promotional pictures for MAC's Fashion Flower Collection. Le sigh. The collection releases on April 28th, and I'll definitely be springing for that green eyeshadow. What a gorgeous color! I also like these cute mini record earrings from ShanaLogic, and I'm loving these cute purple cupcake charms that are on Etsy. Oh! And I can't forget about these Neko (Lucky Cat) nail art stickers. I them!

Well, that's it for now. I need to go jump in the shower before hubby gets home with Mini's Easter egg fixin's. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

funny pictures - I GOTTA DO WUT WIF EGGS AN CHAWKLIT??!!


  1. Looks awesome!! Great job. Happy holiday~

  2. Thanks bunches, Nancy! Happy holiday to you too! :o)

  3. Oh boy! I love it! So sparkly and purty!

    Going to an RCRW meeting this weekend - doing some timed writings. Plotting. Egg dyeing. All if I can just get my work done...

    Happy Easter Bunnies!

  4. Happy Easter bunnies, Linnea! :D Hope you'll post about your meeting. I'd sure love to read about it.

    I just did the egg dyeing thing with Mini. He had a blast. I somehow managed to get bright magenta smeared in my right eyebrow. LOL Good times! ^_^

  5. Love the new look! Hope ya'll had a Happy Easter.


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