Friday, April 15, 2011

One More For the Scrap Heap

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It's Friday! I've spent most of it nose deep in my wip. I've been nit picking over this one scene for far longer than I should have. I worked on a little bit last week, but couldn't get it to work the way I wanted and left it as is. I went back to it last night, and it was the same struggle.

This morning, I saw the light. I cut the whole dang scene and scrapped it. If it doesn't want to flow, I don't have a use for it. The minute I did that, everything opened up for me and the story is once again flowing. Right now, I have about four more pages to go and I'll be finished with this section.

Tonight, the big plan is to hang out with Cassie for a while and catch up on writerly stuff. Play in tarot cards. Talk and all that jazz. The usual mischief. ;o)

Tomorrow, I think hubby is taking the boys to the Sunshine Festival. I will be locked away in the writing cave, working on revisions. I hope they think of me. I can deal with the confinement if they will at least bring home some fried alligator on a stick.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I would love some alligator haven't had any in years. In May it will be 14 years since I moved to Virginia from Florida to be with family. And even before than it has been a good few years since I had any. Have extras and think of me:)


  3. Scrapping a scene when you've been working so diligently to get it right, perfected, and to where it actually fits as a useful addition to the overall plot-line is so very difficult. At least for me it is. But I commend you for putting on your big girl pants and saying, "Hey! Hit the road, Jack!" I shall definitely endeavor to do the same when the time comes in my own manuscript.

    Have a good weekend, Cora! :)

  4. Ya hate to do it but sometimes something just has to go! Hope you get your alligator on a stick!

  5. No alligator on a stick. Sadly, they didn't have it this year. *cry* But Mini did something so sweet. It more than makes up for no alligator.

    He won two prizes in the balloon grab, and was allowed to pick. He chose a piggy bank of bubble gum and a can cozy. He walked over to his dad, gave him the can cozy and said, "Here, this is for you." No prompting. He's such a sweetie bear. :*)


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