Monday, April 18, 2011

The Monday Grind

It was a calm weekend, it was a short weekend...and now Monday. In the span of a few hours, I have been run ragged by errands and visitors, and by chasing dogs out of the backyard. Mini will be home in about twenty minutes, but come hell or high water I'm finishing this love scene today. No exceptions. I told hubby if people keep interrupting me while I'm trying to wrap up this book, I'm going to rent a cabin at the lake and I'll be back when it's polished and ready for submission. My patience is seriously waning.

I'm dying to submit to the new Shivers line at EC. I have a story written but it needs some ironing out and cleaning up. I wrote it a while back, but didn't know what to do with it, since I can't think of anyone publishing stories like that. I'm so excited about it. I love it to the core. I'll be going back to my horror roots with that one, and it's driving me to distraction. I  love the characters and can barely wait to tell their story.

In May, I'm going to be doing a month of accountability writing with Sirens and Scribes. I'm hoping that will help me push another story out the door before summer is underway. Over the summer, I'm thinking about putting a couple of erotica shorties up on Smashwords. Maybe doing something with a beach theme. I don't know yet. It's still just an idea.

I recently bought buttons to give away here on the blog, and they arrived today! They're so adorable. There are slogans, mermaids, piggies, cupcakes, birds, flowers, etc. Cute stuff to add to these kawaii type goodie bags and box wallets I've been putting together. I'll post more about that soon, with pictures. :o)

Speaking of pictures... I've come across lots of cool stuff around the internets that's inspiring me right now. I wanted to give a mention to the various fun stuff. First things first, I just picked up a copy of Fallen by Michele Hauf today while running errands. That cover alone is inspiring. Also, I have this thing for really bright purplish fuchsia nail polish. I'm currently wearing #811 Pulsating by Rimmel. (No, that is not my hand.) Lessee...there's also these crazy tentacle earrings, and this pressed eyeshadow in Buttercupcake yellow from Sugarpill.

Last but not least! I know people like to roll their eyes when you say Britney, but I really like her new dance  trax. The video for Til the World Ends is pre? post? apocalyptic goodness. It's like Mad Max goes to an underground rave. Awesomeness! I'm looking forward to seeing what remixes spin of this one.

That's all for now. I have about an hour to get a few pages cleaned up. Off to the trenches. Wish me luck! 


  1. I just adore reading your blog, Cora. All the ins and outs of writing, bright colored eyeshadow and nail polish, and girlie-girl glamor, complete with zombies and erotica and all sorts of stuff that makes me wanna read every paranormal romance I can get my #811 Pulsating painted fingers on. LOL. Keep up the good work!

    Oh! And I've totally made the "I am so running away--far, far away--because you people are driving me crazy and I can't write this @&%$ing scene!!" threat, like, a hundred times over at my house. I am with you, girl!

  2. Aw, thanks bunches, Nikki! I'm glad you like to drop by and see what's going on, sparklies, zombies, erotica and all. ^_^

    Yes! That's totally it. The "I'm gonna run screaming into the wilderness" feeling.

    Hahaha! I wondered if I might be alone in thinking that. Apparently the "wilderness" (if I ever ran out there like I often threaten to do) would be populated with other frustrated writerly people trying to finish that one @&%$ing scene! ^_^

  3. I'd just like to say that I echo Alyssia's comment. As a regular (and long-term) blog stalker- ahem, reader- I love that you switch it up and talk about everything and anything you're feeling. It's real. It's life. It's writing and makeup, family and food, music and videos. You are awesome, in all your complex goodness. ;)

  4. You're too sweet, Isy! Big hugs. :*)

  5. Long time Stars Will Cry follower and lover of werewolf smut and zombie mayhem. Keep up the good work.

  6. Big hugs, Cassie! :*)

  7. Ya know, I can sometimes really get into some britney...sometimes. lol

    I write articles and when everyone is bothering me I feel the same way. Just want to run away to a motel room and not have to listen to anyone for a while.

  8. I hear you, Mary. I can usually cope. I don't mine the guys coming into the office and hanging out - they often do. But it's been very stressful lately, and that tends to lower my tolerance level. LOL ~_^

    And the Britney stuff...ya know, it's strange. I never listened to her when she first started out, but now that she's older and doing dancier songs, I listen to her more.


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