Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mish Mashness

I just sent off my blurb and log lines for Wicked Obsession. I still have rewrites to do, and I'm on standby right now, waiting for news about my father in law.

It's a chaotic mess here at home. We were told a few days ago that hubby's dad might be allowed to go home, then we stopped getting any word. Hubby called around and after several frustrating, unsuccessful attempts to gain any information we found out dad had been a hospice.

We were floored. Not only that, we had no idea where they'd sent him. No one seemed to know. You want to know what panic feels like? Not knowing where they sent your elderly father in law is a pretty good example of it. Hubby was in panic mode until late last night when we got a call from a hospice in Maryland.

It was dad, and he let us know that he had no idea how to use the in-room phones there. Why do these places put in complicated phones, when they know some elderly people are technology shy? He told us he wanted to go home (to D.C.) but that the hospital refused to release him for that. He had to call one of his neighbors to bring him clothes and essentials over to the hospice because we have no relatives over there.

Hearing this, I just kept thinking, he needs one of us over there. But what can we do?  One of hubby's cousins had passing business in Maryland yesterday evening, and dropped by to check on him, but he's got his orders and can't stay with dad longer than an hour or so. And that's just for that evening.

Each day is a test of patience as we wait on news. Hubby has cleared it with his boss to take off to D.C. or Maryland if and when "the call" comes. I've tried to make arrangements for any possible scenario so we can up and leave if we need to.  Hubby is understandably going through all these emotions, and because we're such a close-knit household, when one of us is out of sorts, we're all out of it. My publisher, I can't praise them enough for working with me around this situation. With all the mess going on, I've been worried what would happen in event I'm called away.

I haven't mentioned to hubby that if worse comes to worst, not only will we have to make the long distance funeral arrangements, we will be responsible for clearing out his apartment and forwarding his mail. And if past experiences are any indication, we'll probably only have a week to do it. If I thought we could afford to rent even a small shack within driving distance to him, that would be the way to go. But for now we have no choice but to sit and wait for word. :*(

It's been difficult to concentrate lately, but I'm staying busy working on rewrites. I'm down a few chapters now and my word count looks good. Oh! Speaking of rewrites and books and all that jazz, before I forget...I found a spot of good news by accident on the internet the other night. It's from way back in January, but I don't care, it's new news to me. I was browsing around over at and noticed two of my books have been tagged as Recommended Reads. That totally made my week. Good news has been a long time in coming lately.

Check it out:

It's after three, so I need to prep the house before Mini gets home from school. In other words, I need to sweep and make the beds. Ah, the glam life!


  1. Wow. I wish I had a few words of wisdom to offer but I really don't. All I can offer are hugs and gentle thoughts. I wrote my exercise though - you can read it if you want. Something to occupy (or distract) your thoughts. Sorry that's all I've got. ((Hugs))

  2. Thanks for the warm thoughts, Linnea. We are bracing for the worst. When I get a free moment I'll look at your scene. It just takes me a while to get around to doing things these days.

  3. No rush. It's not going anywhere. :) Take care of you.


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