Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I like it, like it

I have to buy light bulbs today. I'm sitting in the dark over here. I went to turn on the lamp by my desk last night and *poof* out goes the bulb. Ten minutes later, I did the exact same thing in the living room.

I'm being fanciful here, but I've heard that intense emotional energy can cause bulbs to do that. Hopefully I can transfer some of that emo energy into this WIP. 

The rewrites are coming along bit by bit. I could get far more done if I weren't so distracted with all this family trauma, but that's kind of like wishing for rainbows right now.

Tonight I'll be working on a sex scene, *eyebrow wiggle* and those tend to go by quickly. Hopefully that scene will carry me over into the next chapter, although I may have reword it at the midpoint and cut the scene in half to be able to do that. The transition I have in place right now is really clunky an awkward - a "must fix" if there ever was one.

Aside from anxiety, bills, and too many cans of Diet Rite, that's about the sum of it for me. What about you?  What are you up to this week?


  1. I am doing some rewrites of my first chapter in this new series. I have to get the flow going just right.

    Also getting my butt back in the gym. Yoga and ab class totally punched me in the gut today. Its normal not being able to walk upright...right?

  2. The gym...those two words alone bring me pain. *_* I just went back to using the treadmill and OMG my poor thighs are screaming. Don't we just make a fine pair? LOL!

    Seriously, though, I can't even imagine ab class. What kind of exercises do you do? I'd probably keel over after five minutes.

    Ugh, rewrites. I hear you on that first chapter. I have rewritten the first chapter of this story twice, and I realized a few days ago it's not working because I'm focusing too much attention on secondary characters. So, I'll have to rewrite my first chapter again I'm ready to proof read this book. *whimper* I never used to have so much trouble with beginnings!

  3. Sex scenes go by quickly? That can't be good :P

    Oh...and I figured out my goals! Yay! On to plotting next....

  4. LOL, Linnea! I mean they are easier to write. ^_^

    Yay for plotting!

  5. ((hugs you tight)) Life and family issues can majorly suck out all your energy reserves. I should know. I feel for you on the rewrites, I keep thinking my dragon shapeshifter story is done and ready to pass along for critique, but then something catches my eye and I'm like, oh hell no! Nope, that will not work. And then I start editing and it always devolves into a damn rewrite of a scene or an entire chapter, omg! There are days I think to myself, "I actually chose this profession! Was I totally screaming mental?" rofl. Hope it goes better for ya, kiddo. Love and light, CC

  6. Thanks bunches, CC. Big hugs!


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