Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Adventures

Egg Basket Mini picked out at
a school event on Friday. It contained a
Hot Wheels car, a hatching chick,
egg ooze, and sidewalk chalk. :8)
Happy Easter weekend!  It's a lazy day here at home. The guys are doing guy stuff, the Diva dogs are doing Diva dog stuff, and I've been pouring over revisions.

Last night, I dyed eggs with Mini. We had two dye kits - one for speckled eggs, the other was a tie dye egg kit. We ended up making all the eggs tie dye. It would be really easy to do it without the kit too. Simply put a few drops of dye on an egg then put it in a ziploc bag and squish the dye around til it coats the eggshell, and voila! You have a messy masterpiece.

Of course, Mini decided he preferred to paint the eggs with q-tips.
Doing a fine job for the Easter Bunny.
His turned out to be the prettiest in the batch, so there's something to be said for hand painting. I think he had fun playing in all the colors.

Ya know, I remember those egg dyeing kits from when I was a kid. You had to melt the dye tablets in boiling water, pour the prepared dye into Dixie cups, then use a bent wire egg holder to dip the egg in the dye cups.

They also gave you a wax crayon in the pack to draw designs on the egg so the dye wouldn't stick to those areas, and I vividly remember there being stickers similar to temporary tattoos that you could wet then stick to the shell after it had finished drying. They probably still make kits similar to those, but I haven't seen one in years.

Mom, the flash is too bright.
Here's Mini with his favority-est egg. I really like that splash of yellow on that one. After just two eggs he accidentally mixed a drop of green in with the yellow, which turned the whole batch of canary yellow into more of a pale lime color.

We had a lot of dye left over, so I took a little of the magenta color and made a pink stripe in my hair. I tried to do the same thing with the purple dye, but it didn't come out bright enough to photograph.

On a completely different topic, I ordered a couple of eye shadows from Morgana Cryptoria earlier today. I bought four colors from the Haunted Eyes Collection, the entire top row on the product page, plus two colors from other collections: Ubiquitous, and Anubis. I can hardly wait to try these out. I'll post some pictures once everything arrives.  *eyebrow wiggle*

I've been on the computer for most of the day, so I'm going to shut down for a while and go nap across the bed for a little while. Until next time, Zzzz....


  1. Very talented kiddo ya got there, Cora. Give mini a ((hugs)) from his Auntie C.C. Ya'll have a wonderful Easter.

  2. Thanks, hon, will do. Hope y'all are having a peaceful weekend too. :)


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