Monday, April 25, 2011

All Sparkly and Zombie Green

Easter is over, and I feel like a total zombie. Allergies are kicking my tail, and I have to finish revisions on this book because they're due at the end of this week.

We went to my Mom and Dad's house for Easter dinner, and hid eggs for Minibeast. Good times. We took lots of pictures, and I ate entirely too much. When we made it back home, Hubby tried talking to his dad on the phone. He mainly wanted to wish him a happy Easter, but H-Dad has a bad sore throat and was coughing too much to be able to talk, bless his heart.

They've let H-Dad go home from the hospice, but the cancer is terminal. The way I understand it, his body is run down to the point he's very vulnerable to colds from others, and so forth. Hubby told him he'd call him back and check on him tomorrow. I wish H-Dad had someone around to show him how to use texting on his phone. We could be in touch with him several times throughout the day, and he could get back to us when it was convenient for him.

At any rate, once we made it back home, and everything settled down, I went around tidying up the house. I went to clean up my makeup area, and ended up toss out some of my older eye shadows. I tend to keep makeup whether it's something I'd use or not, but lately I'm trying to pass on the stuff I know I won't use. About two months ago, I gave my mom a bundle of lipsticks, and two, gallon sized zip baggies of eyeshadow pots that I've never used. I'm about due another clean out. I don't know how some of these colors creep into my makeup bag. I mostly wear greens, browns, pinks, golds, and black.

When moving things around tonight, I came across Hard Candy's Space Cadet. I forgot I had that color. I bought it around the time MAC's Venomous Villains came out. I wanted the She Who Dares eyeshadow duo but couldn't get my hands on it at the time. I bought the Space Cadet thinking it might be a passable duplicate, and ended up with She Who Dares about a week later. I don't know why I never went back to swatch them together. The main difference is the consistency and sparkle. Both will go black and muddy if brushed too much. SWD has way, way more glitter. It has an almost pure lime green sparkle to it. Gorgeous. Space Cadet has a green-blue undertone, so I guess it's more of a jungle green shade. The glitter isn't as intense, and it's more of a true green. A grass green. Very jewel like. It's very pretty when worn wet, you just have to pack it on there. For all practical purposes, you can do a lot with both shades.

Hard Candy Space Cadet on lids & lower lash line (applied wet)
Sally's Glow Green in the crease
Cover Girl frost white on brow bone
Yellow by Juliana on inner corners & lower lash line
Hmm...I'm thinking this makeup would match those zombie shoes.
So that's all I've got for now. I need to get back to work on the vampire wip. It's almost 1:30 am, and I want to finish up this scene before heading off to bed. Happy dreams! ;o)


  1. Cora, I'm so sorry to hear about the H-Dad. I do hope he is comfortable, and I wonder if he could possibly learn to text with a bigger-keyed cell? They do have them, I think. And you steal my heart with whole makeup thing! Ha! I adore MAC and Hard Candy. My favorite is Urban Decay--I'm still working off the Alice and Wonderland palette, which is freaking incredible. Cool names, too. Like Muchness and White Rabbit and Jabberwocky. :)

  2. I keep my eye shadows for far too long. Last summer I finally threw away a big pallette wich contained over 50 eye shadow colors that I'd had since I was 16 years old. LOL That was a long time ago but there were about 6 colors that I had only used once and knew I wasn't going to use...They were the dark blues, which I don't use. But I waited until all the good dark colors were gone before I threw it away. I'm still surprised that it lasted as long as it did.

    I bought another one, this time it only has 20 colors. I should be able to get rid of it by the time I'm 60. LOL

  3. ((hugs)) for H-Dad and for your guy.

    As for those shoes, back off, they is MINE! Mine I tells ya! lol. I have a big want for them, even though I know I couldn't walk in them and not wind up crippled. ugh. I just wanna know why my feet got so wide after I hit 40! It totally sucketh.

    Ooh, love those eyeshadows! Very nice. I have so much make-up, it's insane. My favs are MAC's powder eyeshadows in the colors: Hepcat, Tilt, Beautiful Iris, and Electra.

    And I love the Bare Escentuals BUXOM line of eyeshadows, especially Saint Bernard
    (deep sea green) and Poodle
    (pale yellow gold). ;-)


  4. Thanks, Nikki. I mentioned a jitterbug phone to hubby the other day. I wonder if they still make them? I think Hubby's going to talk to our cousin who is in NC. Maybe on his next trip into the area he can stop by and show H-Dad how to use the texting on his current phone. I think if someone he trusted could show him how with his own phone he'd catch on. Know what I mean?

    I <3 Urban Decay! That Alice in Wonderland palette is gorgeous. It has a snazzy green in there, too. I've been oogling UD's new deluxe shadows. That color Ransom is calling to me. :*)

  5. I keep my makeup too long too, Mary. I have a tube of lipstick so old I don't know what company made it anymore. The tube is silver with a black band around it. It was my mother's and when she taut me how to put on makeup, that was the lipstick she gave me. Ha! I have to use a lip brush to dig into the container to get even a smidgen of lipstick from it. I've kept it for sentimental reasons.

  6. Cassie, aren't those shoes great?! The heels are kinda high though. I'd probably break my neck.


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