Friday, April 29, 2011

Some Kind of Fine

I'm doing the Friday dance, never mind I have the stomach flu and I'm running a fever. The MiniBear has been such a sweetie all week, and hubby came home in a great mood. Oldest has even put off moping for one day so we can all chill in happiness. Count me in for the happy!

On the flip side, the vampires are being ornery. I just took one scene and chopped it into two parts to try and make it flow better. I'm putting the finishing layer on the first half of the scene tonight, and hope to send it off to Cassie by morning. After that, I've got to rework the second half, and turn it into an independent scene that starts off in a new location. I've learned a lot from this book, but not without taking a few hard knocks. Next time I have a story that runs this long, I think I'll be better prepared to deal with it. Whew!

So that's what's going on in terms of writerly bits. Tomorrow it'll be a day of writing, editing, hanging out with the family and what not and so forth. I also need to rearrange my room so I can go pick up my new computer...which will be a desktop this go around.

Speaking of computers, when I buy the new PC, I'm thinking about buying Dragon software. Have you ever tried it? What did you think?

That's it for now. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. :8) 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Patience, Prose, and Vampire Shoes

Writing marathon, here I come! I just figured out that Mini has no school tomorrow. They sent notes out last week, but I apparently read it wrong. Only kids going in for exit testing attend tomorrow. Mini doesn't  go in for testing until next week. So, that means I'll have a Friday morning of school routine reprieve.  *chicken dance*

So now, I'm a woman on a mission. There's one scene in my vampire book that's been kicking my tail, but tonight it's going down. Oh, yes. I'm breaking out the big guns, the garlic, and if all else fails...a sharpened stake right to the heart of the entire chapter. It if won't flow, it don't go. I don't have the time or patience to deal with ornery prose.

Speaking of vampires...consider me inspired. Look at these hot vampire shoes!  *_* I'm officially in love with the Luv N Lux pumps by T.U.K. They're a tribute to the late, great Lux Interior of The Cramps which only amplifies their awesomeness over 9000. I'd wear those sexy shoes with a pair of black skinny jeans and a disco-esque butterfly shirt. Maybe if I'm a good girl and I get this story patched and polished, the shoe fairy will leave a pair of these in my mailbox. We'll have to wait and see.

That's it for now. Supper is ready, and I'm off to go fix a plate of etouffee before the locusts (the guys) descend and it's all gone. Happy Thursday, everyone!

Monday, April 25, 2011

All Sparkly and Zombie Green

Easter is over, and I feel like a total zombie. Allergies are kicking my tail, and I have to finish revisions on this book because they're due at the end of this week.

We went to my Mom and Dad's house for Easter dinner, and hid eggs for Minibeast. Good times. We took lots of pictures, and I ate entirely too much. When we made it back home, Hubby tried talking to his dad on the phone. He mainly wanted to wish him a happy Easter, but H-Dad has a bad sore throat and was coughing too much to be able to talk, bless his heart.

They've let H-Dad go home from the hospice, but the cancer is terminal. The way I understand it, his body is run down to the point he's very vulnerable to colds from others, and so forth. Hubby told him he'd call him back and check on him tomorrow. I wish H-Dad had someone around to show him how to use texting on his phone. We could be in touch with him several times throughout the day, and he could get back to us when it was convenient for him.

At any rate, once we made it back home, and everything settled down, I went around tidying up the house. I went to clean up my makeup area, and ended up toss out some of my older eye shadows. I tend to keep makeup whether it's something I'd use or not, but lately I'm trying to pass on the stuff I know I won't use. About two months ago, I gave my mom a bundle of lipsticks, and two, gallon sized zip baggies of eyeshadow pots that I've never used. I'm about due another clean out. I don't know how some of these colors creep into my makeup bag. I mostly wear greens, browns, pinks, golds, and black.

When moving things around tonight, I came across Hard Candy's Space Cadet. I forgot I had that color. I bought it around the time MAC's Venomous Villains came out. I wanted the She Who Dares eyeshadow duo but couldn't get my hands on it at the time. I bought the Space Cadet thinking it might be a passable duplicate, and ended up with She Who Dares about a week later. I don't know why I never went back to swatch them together. The main difference is the consistency and sparkle. Both will go black and muddy if brushed too much. SWD has way, way more glitter. It has an almost pure lime green sparkle to it. Gorgeous. Space Cadet has a green-blue undertone, so I guess it's more of a jungle green shade. The glitter isn't as intense, and it's more of a true green. A grass green. Very jewel like. It's very pretty when worn wet, you just have to pack it on there. For all practical purposes, you can do a lot with both shades.

Hard Candy Space Cadet on lids & lower lash line (applied wet)
Sally's Glow Green in the crease
Cover Girl frost white on brow bone
Yellow by Juliana on inner corners & lower lash line
Hmm...I'm thinking this makeup would match those zombie shoes.
So that's all I've got for now. I need to get back to work on the vampire wip. It's almost 1:30 am, and I want to finish up this scene before heading off to bed. Happy dreams! ;o)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Adventures

Egg Basket Mini picked out at
a school event on Friday. It contained a
Hot Wheels car, a hatching chick,
egg ooze, and sidewalk chalk. :8)
Happy Easter weekend!  It's a lazy day here at home. The guys are doing guy stuff, the Diva dogs are doing Diva dog stuff, and I've been pouring over revisions.

Last night, I dyed eggs with Mini. We had two dye kits - one for speckled eggs, the other was a tie dye egg kit. We ended up making all the eggs tie dye. It would be really easy to do it without the kit too. Simply put a few drops of dye on an egg then put it in a ziploc bag and squish the dye around til it coats the eggshell, and voila! You have a messy masterpiece.

Of course, Mini decided he preferred to paint the eggs with q-tips.
Doing a fine job for the Easter Bunny.
His turned out to be the prettiest in the batch, so there's something to be said for hand painting. I think he had fun playing in all the colors.

Ya know, I remember those egg dyeing kits from when I was a kid. You had to melt the dye tablets in boiling water, pour the prepared dye into Dixie cups, then use a bent wire egg holder to dip the egg in the dye cups.

They also gave you a wax crayon in the pack to draw designs on the egg so the dye wouldn't stick to those areas, and I vividly remember there being stickers similar to temporary tattoos that you could wet then stick to the shell after it had finished drying. They probably still make kits similar to those, but I haven't seen one in years.

Mom, the flash is too bright.
Here's Mini with his favority-est egg. I really like that splash of yellow on that one. After just two eggs he accidentally mixed a drop of green in with the yellow, which turned the whole batch of canary yellow into more of a pale lime color.

We had a lot of dye left over, so I took a little of the magenta color and made a pink stripe in my hair. I tried to do the same thing with the purple dye, but it didn't come out bright enough to photograph.

On a completely different topic, I ordered a couple of eye shadows from Morgana Cryptoria earlier today. I bought four colors from the Haunted Eyes Collection, the entire top row on the product page, plus two colors from other collections: Ubiquitous, and Anubis. I can hardly wait to try these out. I'll post some pictures once everything arrives.  *eyebrow wiggle*

I've been on the computer for most of the day, so I'm going to shut down for a while and go nap across the bed for a little while. Until next time, Zzzz....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Something Looks Different

Happy Good Friday and Earth Day, y'all!

Check it out...the fabulous Emmy Ellis has made my blog look so sparkly, starry, and fresh! Thanks, Emmy! I'm completely jazzed with the new look.

So, tell me. What are your plans for this weekend?  For the most part, I'll be in the writing cave working on rewrites, but I promised Mini tonight we'd dye Easter eggs. Messy fun, and buying real eggs instead of the plastic ones helps support our local egg farmers. We always end up using all the eggs in an enormous potato salad after the hunt. Hahaha! Potato salad goes with just about everything. Grab a spoon! :9

We're supposed to head over to my Mom and Dad's house for Sunday dinner. Mom has made up baskets for the guys. In other words, she's prepared them each a pail of candy. Why, yes, I plan to do a quality check of all that candy to confiscate anything that looks questionable. Nom, nom, nom... I mean, it's what good moms do, ya know?

Before I close this post, lemme share some of the cool stuff that's inspiring me at the moment. First and foremost, the new promotional pictures for MAC's Fashion Flower Collection. Le sigh. The collection releases on April 28th, and I'll definitely be springing for that green eyeshadow. What a gorgeous color! I also like these cute mini record earrings from ShanaLogic, and I'm loving these cute purple cupcake charms that are on Etsy. Oh! And I can't forget about these Neko (Lucky Cat) nail art stickers. I them!

Well, that's it for now. I need to go jump in the shower before hubby gets home with Mini's Easter egg fixin's. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

funny pictures - I GOTTA DO WUT WIF EGGS AN CHAWKLIT??!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Thousand Miles of Fire

The past few days have been a trial, and I'm feeling pretty tired and beat up from it all. But I'm the mom, so I have to put on a brave face and keep on keeping on. Thank goodness I have the hubby to watch my back, or I'd have run screaming into the wilderness by this point.

It's looking like Wicked Obsession is going to reach short novel length by the time I'm done with this thing. It seems like every page I edit/revise, three more pages sprout in it's place. Edits through the publisher may chop it back down to novella size. We'll have to wait and see. I'm not going to worry about it at this point. I need to muck my way through mid-book rewrites and get this damn thing out of here. It's been really tough going with this one since I have to stop what feels like every five minutes to deal with some new family crisis. That cabin on the lake is looking better and better at every turn.

Mini is off from school tomorrow, and I imagine he's going to be all pout-face on me until I get my work done for the day. Poor beast. Maybe we'll dye eggs or bake cookies or something once I've covered the work aspect of the day. I think he'll be more forgiving of the time I have to spend working if we do something fun. OH! And he can help me put the magnets on these...

I'll be giving these away on the blog very soon, along with a few box wallets and some pin back buttons.

Sorry for the glare! Cupcakes, fairies, piggies, and mermaids!
Oh, and a hoot owl in a tree. ^_^
There are other buttons, too!

So, there are more contests coming up. If you aren't already following me on Google Friend Connect, check out the little box on the sidebar and give me a click. If you have me added through GFC, every contest you enter, you automatically get your name added to the hat twice.

Oh! New news...This summer, I plan to re-release my erotic faerie story At the Edge of Twilight, as part of an erotic short story collection. It will be available through Smashwords. The title story was previously published through Freya's Bower. The excerpt is now posted here. I've had several people come to me looking for that particular story, so I thought I better mention it to keep from people from having to go through unnecessary searches to find the info.

So there you go. The latest from me. The guys are home, and we're settling in for a long lazy weekend. Sounds good, if you ask me.

Well, I have writing and revisions to do, so I better chop-chop!  Happy Thursday, everyone! ;o)

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Monday Grind

It was a calm weekend, it was a short weekend...and now Monday. In the span of a few hours, I have been run ragged by errands and visitors, and by chasing dogs out of the backyard. Mini will be home in about twenty minutes, but come hell or high water I'm finishing this love scene today. No exceptions. I told hubby if people keep interrupting me while I'm trying to wrap up this book, I'm going to rent a cabin at the lake and I'll be back when it's polished and ready for submission. My patience is seriously waning.

I'm dying to submit to the new Shivers line at EC. I have a story written but it needs some ironing out and cleaning up. I wrote it a while back, but didn't know what to do with it, since I can't think of anyone publishing stories like that. I'm so excited about it. I love it to the core. I'll be going back to my horror roots with that one, and it's driving me to distraction. I  love the characters and can barely wait to tell their story.

In May, I'm going to be doing a month of accountability writing with Sirens and Scribes. I'm hoping that will help me push another story out the door before summer is underway. Over the summer, I'm thinking about putting a couple of erotica shorties up on Smashwords. Maybe doing something with a beach theme. I don't know yet. It's still just an idea.

I recently bought buttons to give away here on the blog, and they arrived today! They're so adorable. There are slogans, mermaids, piggies, cupcakes, birds, flowers, etc. Cute stuff to add to these kawaii type goodie bags and box wallets I've been putting together. I'll post more about that soon, with pictures. :o)

Speaking of pictures... I've come across lots of cool stuff around the internets that's inspiring me right now. I wanted to give a mention to the various fun stuff. First things first, I just picked up a copy of Fallen by Michele Hauf today while running errands. That cover alone is inspiring. Also, I have this thing for really bright purplish fuchsia nail polish. I'm currently wearing #811 Pulsating by Rimmel. (No, that is not my hand.) Lessee...there's also these crazy tentacle earrings, and this pressed eyeshadow in Buttercupcake yellow from Sugarpill.

Last but not least! I know people like to roll their eyes when you say Britney, but I really like her new dance  trax. The video for Til the World Ends is pre? post? apocalyptic goodness. It's like Mad Max goes to an underground rave. Awesomeness! I'm looking forward to seeing what remixes spin of this one.

That's all for now. I have about an hour to get a few pages cleaned up. Off to the trenches. Wish me luck! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

One More For the Scrap Heap

funny pictures - Stop playing with it...

It's Friday! I've spent most of it nose deep in my wip. I've been nit picking over this one scene for far longer than I should have. I worked on a little bit last week, but couldn't get it to work the way I wanted and left it as is. I went back to it last night, and it was the same struggle.

This morning, I saw the light. I cut the whole dang scene and scrapped it. If it doesn't want to flow, I don't have a use for it. The minute I did that, everything opened up for me and the story is once again flowing. Right now, I have about four more pages to go and I'll be finished with this section.

Tonight, the big plan is to hang out with Cassie for a while and catch up on writerly stuff. Play in tarot cards. Talk and all that jazz. The usual mischief. ;o)

Tomorrow, I think hubby is taking the boys to the Sunshine Festival. I will be locked away in the writing cave, working on revisions. I hope they think of me. I can deal with the confinement if they will at least bring home some fried alligator on a stick.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How Can We Touch With Our Hands Tied?

I'm roughly fifty pages into rewrites. So far so good. It's a bit slow going, but now that I've reached the first plot point, I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere with this thing.

Tonight I'm moving a big block of text and filling in two scene gaps that I caught on the read through. This should smooth over roughly six pages and push me into the next chapter.

Tomorrow it's more of the same: reading, editing, rewriting, and pretty much pulling this book together.

So what about the rest of you? What are you working on and how are your projects going?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I like it, like it

I have to buy light bulbs today. I'm sitting in the dark over here. I went to turn on the lamp by my desk last night and *poof* out goes the bulb. Ten minutes later, I did the exact same thing in the living room.

I'm being fanciful here, but I've heard that intense emotional energy can cause bulbs to do that. Hopefully I can transfer some of that emo energy into this WIP. 

The rewrites are coming along bit by bit. I could get far more done if I weren't so distracted with all this family trauma, but that's kind of like wishing for rainbows right now.

Tonight I'll be working on a sex scene, *eyebrow wiggle* and those tend to go by quickly. Hopefully that scene will carry me over into the next chapter, although I may have reword it at the midpoint and cut the scene in half to be able to do that. The transition I have in place right now is really clunky an awkward - a "must fix" if there ever was one.

Aside from anxiety, bills, and too many cans of Diet Rite, that's about the sum of it for me. What about you?  What are you up to this week?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Nu Monday and the Summer Dreaming Winner

Cute erasers I picked up over
the weekend. :3
Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

It was tax weekend for the hubby and me. We were the only clients in the tax office, so there were three ladies working on my taxes instead of just "the one". When it was all said and done, she (who had been officially doing the paperwork) slapped her hands on the desk and said, "So, I've been dying to ask you...what do you write?"

I told her that I have a page on Amazon, and she looked at the co-manager of the office who was standing behind me. "I know I'm going to get in trouble for looking this up, but I can't help it. I've gotta know."

The woman in the next cubicle over said, "You won't be alone. I've already looked it up. She writes about werewolves. I've got her on my wishlist now for my Kindle."

You could've knocked me over with a feather.

When I left the tax office, the ladies were still shopping for my books, reading the blurbs and such. Hubby said I'm then I started actually thinking about it. And he was right. I felt like such a roaring book hussy. Wait. Do book hussies roar? 

On an entirely different Summer Dreaming Giveaway has ended. Thank you so much for those of you who dropped by to leave a comment. I appreciate your support! With no further ado, the winner is...

Linda Kish

Congrats, Linda! Email me at corazane @ aol [dot] com with Summer Dreaming Winner in the subject line. Be sure to include your mailing address, and I'll get this stuff out to you asap.

I'll be running another book giveaway in the coming weeks, so keep checking back. Thanks again to everyone who participated! :o)

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Summer Dreaming Book Giveaway

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm ready to break out the sunscreen, hit the beach and have a piña colada. Even my subconscious is telling me I need a vacation, check it out: 

Last night, I dreamed hubby and I were on a private island riding in the Jeep, with Mini strapped in the backseat. The roads were white crushed shell and ran along a thin, low lying isthmus connecting the beaches point to point. 

We came around this deep curve and waves crashed high on a huge gray outcropping of rock. It sounded like thunder it was so loud. The wash out went right over the top of the rocks and spilled across the road right as we got there. For a full minute it looked like we were driving through solid ocean. 

When we came out on the other side, we were in a small city that looked like St. Augustine, FL or Savannah, GA. Very vivid dream. Maybe an indicator I need a major vacation. ~ originally posted 4.7.2011 on Cora Zane's facebook 

In the spirit of summer, and the no-vacation vacation, I'm giving away four print books from my personal book shelf, a bookmarks pack, and a summery lip gloss called Nude Beach, by Hard Candy.

The books being given away are:

Stolen Seduction by Elisabeth Naughton
Unmasked by C.J. Barry
Forced Mate by Rowena Cherry
Hostile Takeover by Susan Shwartz

The lip gloss: 

Hard Candy Plumping Serum
in the color Nude Beach

All you have to do to enter for a chance to win the books and more prize pack is leave a comment on this thread telling me what would be your ideal summer vacation. One winner will be chosen at random from those who enter. The winner will be announced on my blog Monday, April 11th. So don't forget to drop by and leave a comment!

 For the sake of FCC regulations, I'm required to disclose that all the prizes were purchased and compiled by me. 

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mish Mashness

I just sent off my blurb and log lines for Wicked Obsession. I still have rewrites to do, and I'm on standby right now, waiting for news about my father in law.

It's a chaotic mess here at home. We were told a few days ago that hubby's dad might be allowed to go home, then we stopped getting any word. Hubby called around and after several frustrating, unsuccessful attempts to gain any information we found out dad had been a hospice.

We were floored. Not only that, we had no idea where they'd sent him. No one seemed to know. You want to know what panic feels like? Not knowing where they sent your elderly father in law is a pretty good example of it. Hubby was in panic mode until late last night when we got a call from a hospice in Maryland.

It was dad, and he let us know that he had no idea how to use the in-room phones there. Why do these places put in complicated phones, when they know some elderly people are technology shy? He told us he wanted to go home (to D.C.) but that the hospital refused to release him for that. He had to call one of his neighbors to bring him clothes and essentials over to the hospice because we have no relatives over there.

Hearing this, I just kept thinking, he needs one of us over there. But what can we do?  One of hubby's cousins had passing business in Maryland yesterday evening, and dropped by to check on him, but he's got his orders and can't stay with dad longer than an hour or so. And that's just for that evening.

Each day is a test of patience as we wait on news. Hubby has cleared it with his boss to take off to D.C. or Maryland if and when "the call" comes. I've tried to make arrangements for any possible scenario so we can up and leave if we need to.  Hubby is understandably going through all these emotions, and because we're such a close-knit household, when one of us is out of sorts, we're all out of it. My publisher, I can't praise them enough for working with me around this situation. With all the mess going on, I've been worried what would happen in event I'm called away.

I haven't mentioned to hubby that if worse comes to worst, not only will we have to make the long distance funeral arrangements, we will be responsible for clearing out his apartment and forwarding his mail. And if past experiences are any indication, we'll probably only have a week to do it. If I thought we could afford to rent even a small shack within driving distance to him, that would be the way to go. But for now we have no choice but to sit and wait for word. :*(

It's been difficult to concentrate lately, but I'm staying busy working on rewrites. I'm down a few chapters now and my word count looks good. Oh! Speaking of rewrites and books and all that jazz, before I forget...I found a spot of good news by accident on the internet the other night. It's from way back in January, but I don't care, it's new news to me. I was browsing around over at and noticed two of my books have been tagged as Recommended Reads. That totally made my week. Good news has been a long time in coming lately.

Check it out:

It's after three, so I need to prep the house before Mini gets home from school. In other words, I need to sweep and make the beds. Ah, the glam life!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Nola Stars June Workshop

The NOLA STARS chapter of RWA is happy to announce a one day "Summer Writer's Workshop" for beginner and intermediate writers (and if you are advanced, well, you can come, too!)

Featuring Debra Dixon's popular GMC workshop...

Along with special guests: Michelle Grajkowski of Three Seas Literary, USA Today Best-selling author Kerrelyn Sparks, historical author Janet Mullany, and NYT best-selling and Rita-nominated NOLA authors Lenora Worth and Beth Cornelison. Also presenting will be debut YA author John Corey Whaley, romance favorites Winnie Griggs, Lyn Morgan, Debi King, and popular epublished authors Keri Ford and Cora Zane. The day will conclude with a booksigning. This one day event is a writer's dream. 

This workshop will be held at Bossier Parish Community College on June 11th, 2011. The cost is $25.00 and includes lunch. Yep. You read that right. Only $25.00!

For more information and/or to register, visit

We hope to see you there for some summer fun! And please spread the word :)

Monday, April 04, 2011

two x two

I just realized I haven't blogged for days. I've been so wrapped up in rewrites, I've barely picked my head up to see what day it is. Lately I've been reading through the manuscript (over and over) and cutting so.many.words. It's kind of giving me nightmares.

I think part of the problem I'm having is that there's a lot of info packed into a novella length piece, and this could have been a short novel if I had more time to devote to it. Still, I have what I have, and the show must go on.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be deep in revisions, putting my artistic soul on the chopping block so I can pound this sad fish into something readable. That being the situation, there probably won't be a whole lot of blogging going on until I'm finished. But never fear, I'll resume once the crunch is off me.

So, all that aside, I'm off on my grand trip to rewrites hell. Behave while I'm gone, or at the very least, don't do anything I wouldn't do. Ha! ^_^