Saturday, March 05, 2011

Rebooting My Life

I went for a cut and color today in prep for the conference. I tried to take a pic of it with my cell but it didn't come out all that great, so I'll try again later. Anyway, I had a dark, warm brown put on, and caramel blonde highlights. In dim lighting,the dark brown looks black. Wow. My hair hasn't been that dark since my wedding.

The cut is a very choppy, flicky style like Meg Ryan in Hanging Up. I had this cut when I went to Lil Sis's wedding, so I knew what it would look like in the end, and the stylist didn't disappoint me. She did a great job.

I guess the haircut is pretty symbolic of my life and mood right now. I've been gradually cutting things that are draining me of energy and time, or things I feel have cut me to the quick. Just when I think I've pruned everything down to bare basics, and I'm settled with the idea of change, it seems another necessary cut comes up. Like today. Whoa, boy, yes. Just like today. It hasn't been easy. Not all of the changes have been happy partings either, but I guess what will be will be.

Tomorrow and all next week I'll be typing up my pitch stuff and practicing in the mirror. Very high tech, ya know? Starting tonight, I have to root through all my papers and pick the good stuff. Wish me luck! 


  1. Best of luck, Cora, but I know you'll do great. And I can't wait to see your hair! My appointment's this Thursday, but I'm not brave enough to get anything but the norm. I'm really starting to get excited about conference, too! *squee* Have a great week!

  2. Your hair is gorgeous, Nikki. I would be hesitant to let anyone touch it except for a trim. :)

    Just think, conference is next weekend! Whee!


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