Monday, March 14, 2011

The Monday After

It's the Monday after conference, and I'm sooo sleepy. The alarm went off way too early for me to function. Seriously, I ended up sleeping right through it. This isn't really all that surprising. I was up on the phone with Isabelle until nearly midnight discussing the structure, tone, and length of various YA novels.

I could have probably talked for another two hours (Oh, boy the long distance charges, right? Hahaha!) but I let her go when I realized she'd likely run from her phone the next time she saw my number on the caller ID if I didn't.

So, I woke up at 7:15, feeling tired and groggy. The alarm was going off, and I looked over to find Mini has piled up in the bed with me, and there is a Pillow Pet shoved under my arm and that's why my fingers are tingling with that whole pins and needles sensation. Lying there, I had this sudden epiphany: I had to get Mini ready for school, and that more than likely we'd already missed the bus. This launched me out of bed like a rocket. I did not want to fight the traffic lines (or find my shoes) to drive the kidlet to school.

Hoping that this might be one of those "late bus" days, I raced around grabbing shoes and socks and tugging clothes on a half-asleep five year old as fast as I could. I pretty much shoved the poor kid out the door right as the bus was pulling up out front. Being a mom, this thrilled me somehow. Yes, indeed. I had gotten my kid dressed and out the door in less than five minutes, like it's some kind of Olympic event. I saw the drive open the door for Mini, and I could have done a Rocky Balboa victory dance in the kitchen doorway, but I had bed-hair and was still wearing my mismatched pajamas. I didn't want to scar any of the kids (my own or anyone else's) for life. I can't afford my own therapy, much less anyone else's. Even so, I'm still tickled that I got Mini dressed and on the bus in four.freaking.minutes.

I'm still suffering from conference hangover. It's a bit disorienting to be back home after the flurry of activity. I now have deadlines to face, new projects and opportunities to factor in, and a host of other duties to take care of to get back into my routine. It'll happen. Sometimes it just takes a few days. That said, I had a wonderful time at conference over the weekend. Everyone was chatty and friendly, and in the spirit of connecting with other like-minded folks. How awesome is that? The lady I mentored was so sweet, and very understanding that I had to come and go because of volunteer duties. She was a real peach.

The panel and the workshops were amazing this year. The two key workshops I attended: Setting the Hook given by Claire Ashgrove, and Post-Agent: The Submissions Process Explained, given by Weronika Janczuk. If you ever have a chance to take these workshops, I recommend both. I took something like four pages of notes in Weronika's workshop. I didn't know any of that stuff. Wow.

Overall, I think this was the best Written in the Stars I've attended so far. I did take pictures using my cell phone, but as soon as I took my phone out this morning, the low battery symbol popped up. Typical, right?

I have my phone charging right now, and I'll add pics as soon as its up and running again. I have no idea who won my first chapter critique auction, so I better get in touch with Ms. Judy about that. I also have a book to review this week. You know who you are, so don't think I've forgotten you. I haven't. Your marked on my calendar. Oh! I wanted to announce a contest too. For those who didn't/won't get to go to conference this year - any conference. Here's the skinny:

This Friday, March 18th, I will post a simple contest here on the blog, so keep watching. The prize package will be a conference-style basket with a writer's essentials theme. Yes, I will post pictures. Included is a print copy of Janet Evanovich's How I Write, along with some chocolate and stationary things. Yes, I'm willing to ship worldwide. Note: entrants must be over 18. Again, I will post more about the contest on Friday. ;0)

That's it for now. I have to a long to do list, and time is slipping away. Just like a Monday, right?  I hope you have a good one!


  1. I am glad you had a good time! I missed our big conference here last year so I am seriously anticipating it this year! Especially since I am dedicating all my time to my new series!

  2. That's awesome about your new series, Brea - keep at it!

    I love attending my local conference. It's my favorite "big event" of the year. ;0) I tell you, the folks in my RWA chapter are just phenomenal. There is so much I've learned from them since I joined our chapter. :*)

  3. It's funny the elation we feel in accomplishing something like getting our kids ready and out the door in under 5 minutes. I take my kids out in my pj's too. I tease my kids about it and threaten to wear the dreaded monkey pants. Their bright blue with Paul Frank monkey faces all over them. What's a Mom for but to embarrass her children. Hahahahaha!

  4. I work from home so I'm *always* in my PJs and embarass the living daylights out of my daughter. It's so much fun! The neighbors have come to expect it and when they see me in actual clothes often comment "my, you look nice today." Sadly, I'm usually wearing jeans and a t-shirt....

  5. SarahFay!! OMG, the monkey pants! That totally cracked me up. *dies* That is too hilarious. My kids would disown me. That could be an ongoing in house threat - don't make me wear the monkey pants. Hahahaha! XD

  6. Linnea, hahaha...that's great about the neighbors. No one is shy in this neighborhood. We're country folks. It's nothing to have someone knock on your door in their bathrobe and ask if you've seen their horse, no less. (True story.) ^_^

    I work from home too, so you won't hear a bad word from me about jeans and T shirts. I usually walk around in what I call my shipwreck wear, because 90% of the time I'm dressed like I'm wearing something salvaged from a deserted island. It's hot here for most a good portion of the year and I have hot flashes to go with that, so it's cut offs, t-shirts or tank tops, and flip flops for me.

    Back in January I was cold one morning, and put on jeans instead of cut offs. My Oldest came into the kitchen to see what was for breakfast and after taking one look at me he asked, "Where are you going today?" Ha!


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