Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Go The Way

I managed to get my proposal sent off yesterday, and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with Mini while sorting notes. Last night I spent some time hanging out in Second Life with Cass, and going over my story sketching and making a list of things to address before I get all the way through the draft.

Today I spent most of the day watched The Hero's 2 Journey's by Michael Hague and Christopher Vogler. A friend sent me the 3 DVD set, and I'm wowed by the way Michael Hague breaks down the character identity into essence. This casts a whole new light on inner conflicts for me. Really, this is a great disk set. I took a ton of notes, and know I'll be using them as a check list while working on Wicked Obsession.

Next week I'll be pulling together all my stuff for conference. I imagine I'll be facing some challenges in all this since Mini will be home for Spring Break. I had no idea that was the same week as conference, but there it is. I'm going to have to take him the rounds with me, although I may have to spring for the aid of my good MahMah the day I go to the salon. I desperately need a hair cut. A flat iron just isn't doing it anymore.

And that's just the start of it. I found out yesterday that the local store will no longer be carrying my kind of print cartridges. This totally sucks because there is nothing wrong with my printer. It works like brand new. The thing is, I have to red pen my drafts on hard copy. It's just how I work. So now I need to drive to Ruston to pick up print cartridges at Office Depot, and I know this is just a temporary fix, because eventually the printer will be obsolete, so I'm just putting off the inevitable new printer purchase. *sigh* While I'm in Ruston, I also need bags of rocks - yes, really, bags of frikkin' rocks - to patch around the edges of the dog yard where the little bitches girlie dogs, keep digging out. They are so small, when they get out I worry to death they're going to get run over. I can't stand it. So, bags of rocks its gotta be.

It's going on 3pm, so I better go take care of the laundry before Mini gets home. There is a mountain of it to fold and put away. *cry* Off to tackle the socks and shirts. If you don't hear from me in three days, I've been trapped under an avalanche - call in the A-Team. (Bonus points if you get Liam Neeson. Hubba hubba!)


  1. I really hate doing the laundry..why can't I have a maid...oh right cause I don't have that kinda money. lol

  2. Blah, no maid for me either, Mary! I guess we'll just have to fold our own socks. ^_^

  3. Hey, I thought that's what kids are for, helping with the laundry and dishes. lol.


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