Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Box Full of Stars

Mini should be home in a few minutes, so I'm taking a much needed break from the vampire story. I'm mired in edits with this thing, no kidding. My first chapter needs to be totally rewritten (because I only vaguely knew where I was going with this thing when I started it) and I have thirty days to get this story tip top. It's doable, but I really don't think it's going to be fun.

I'm also walking around with the house phone in case we get a call from Walter Reed Hospital. Hubby was on his way home from work last night and got a call from the veteran's home that his dad had been admitted to the ER. It has been effing insane, trying to get information of any kind. This is why it sucks when half your family lives across the country. It makes it impossible for us to be "right there", so we're left to sit by the phone and hope someone will let us know what's happening.

In other words, stress is my current order of business. Last night it was so tense and worrisome around the house I couldn't sleep, and when I did finally doze off on the couch while rereading Dwight Swain, I dreamed I arrived late at some kind of event that involved skydiving into a lagoon with all these sculpted pools. At least there weren't any sharks, right? ^_^

Oh here's an interesting thing, I was busy writing over the weekend, and hubby was tired of waiting on me to head off to the grocery store, so he asked for my shopping list. I gave it to him, and he saw I had "star markers" on there. He asked me, "What the heck are star markers?" And I told him, "You know, the gold foil star stickers?  Like what your teacher put on your papers back in the day?"

Yeah, he looked at me like I'd lost it. "What do you need those for?"
"For marking my pages. You know how some people get the arrow strips or highlight the pages. I like to use star stickers. They're small and don't ruin my pages."

He looked for my star stickers and came back empty handed. I thought he'd just overlooked them, but today in the store I realized they no longer carry that brand. But never fear!  I found these:

Yay! Now, I have plenty of stars to mark my pages with, but this got me to wondering... what do other people mark their pages with?

When you're reading and need to be able to find a specific paragraph, how do you mark your pages?   Highlighter, or maybe arrow stickers?  Just a book mark?  Maybe you add an X or toss up a check mark?

If you're feeling so inclined, leave a comment and let me know. Inquiring minds and all that... ^_~


  1. I hate paper. Hate hate hate hate. I am an e person. If I have paper, it gets misplaced, crumpled, covered in PB&J, ripped, and just downright ruined. So everything I have is on the computer. Thus, I mark with the little highlighter. Different colors depending on what's wrong. Then I can easily find it by doing a find, and looking for the appropriate "format" in my paper. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

    Sorry about your pop in law. We live far away from everyone too. I know how tough it can be. ((hugs))

  2. Hugs for being an e person! ^_^

    I have a mix of both. Most of my for fun reading stuff is digital. The craft stuff is in paper because I am terror on a computer and have to replace my system every couple years or so. This way I know for sure all my craft books are in reach when I need 'em.

    And thanks for the F-I-L wishes. It's tough being far away. ((hugs))

  3. Hey girl, ((hugs)) on the stress and worry over your F-I-L. We had the same issue for years, with Bear's parents in North Carolina and mine in Florida. Things got easier and harder at the same time when my mum moved up to Ky to be closer to us girls after dad died.

    As for the star stickies, I've never tried that. Interesting. I also do a bit of both, e-marking and paper chase. lol. For the paper, I use these great little temporary side tabs also made by Avery.

    Avery® NoteTabs™ 16299, Neon Assorted, 3" x 1-1/2", Pack of 16.

    Once on the page, I use a regular highlighter marker. My personal fav is Avery® Pen Style HI-LITER® 25860, Assorted, Blue, Fl. Pink, Fl. Yellow. I use the yellow to mark the exact selection needing changed and the others to color code the types of insertions.

    Yep, I can be anal retentive. lol.

  4. Hey Cass,
    Thanks for the hugs. It is crazy here right now, waiting for news. They don't have him in his own room yet. He's in ICU, so we can't even call him. Hubby managed to convince one of the hospital staffers to go in and ask permission just for his dad to tell us he's there, and ok. So, as you can imagine, we are so worried. Only yesterday we found out he stopped his cancer treatments. Also, he's over 80. If something happens to him (worse than now) we'd have to drive the distance, because we can't afford the flight. It's 20 hours just to get there - and that's a light estimate. A lot can happen in 20 hours...Whew! Stress city.

    Thinking happy thoughts...changing the subject...

    Office supply goodness.

    Wow. You know, I absolutely just did a Google search for your Avery note tabs. For reals. I have never seen those in store before. My Virgo-ness is intrigued. *_* I have used regular index tabs to mark pages in books I use a lot, but those are teeny tiny, nothing like the note tabs. Bet your buttons I'll be searching for those at Office Depot.

  5. I've been writing flash fiction and when I'm editing I number my paragraphs. If I rewrite the paragraph I write revised by the number and on another sheet I write the number of the paragraph I'm revising by the new paragraph. I'm dyslexic and this seems to help me organize everything in my head. I've tried using those tabs like Cassandra but I only confuse myself:b

    Here's bright thoughts, happy wishes, and prayers your way!

  6. Thank you for the well wishes and prayers, SarahFay. ((hugs))

    Paragraph numbering. That's an interesting system. You should blog that sometime so I can check it out. I love taking a look at how others do their work. :D

  7. I hope everything goes well with your FIL, being so far from family is hard. My mother in law passed away less than 2 weeks ago and they live in the next state over, thankfully my sister in law kept us all up to date. It's hard not being right there.

    When I need to remember a particular page in a book for a review or something, I just use a bunch of bookmarks.


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