Tuesday, February 22, 2011

When You Know You Really Shouldn't

So two days ago I was struck by this grand idea to buy ice cream. More like, I suddenly, desperately needed ice cream or there would be fires and screaming. Imagine it's the end of the world, the ice cream stocks are too far away to reach, and you're suffering from PMS x 1000. You're putting on your combat boots and going in. That's how I felt. I had to have ice cream and pity the poor fool who tried to stop me.

Anyway, I rounded up Oldest and made a late day dash to the store. I bought this half gallon of no-name vanilla ice cream. Oh, and all the trimmings to go with it: caramel (for Oldest, not my kinda thing), pecans(for me), magic shell(for everyone), and cones - which no one bothered to eat. The box remains unopened even now.

I bought all the things you know you shouldn't have, especially when you're lactose intolerant and allergic to just about everything on the planet. But you're throwing caution to the wind, so whatever, right? I ate a huge bowl of ice cream with pecans everywhere, and for a while I felt fine. By the time I finally rolled into bed that night, I could already feel the stinging pin pricks on my legs. It was my immune system thanking me for being an irresponsible adult...aka, for being an ice cream fiending cow.

Fast forward to the following morning. I wake up and my legs are covered in red blotches. Oh lovely. I've been this route before, I know it's food allergies kicking my tail. I had to make an emergency appointment at the doctor, and the receptionist managed to get me in the next morning....this morning.

I got up feeling fine and in a good mood, albeit kinda sad because I love ice cream and ice cream doesn't love me back. Boo hoo. Despite the unrequited love, all was well, because I knew what to expect from my doctor on this score. I'd be put on a Zpak and a round of prednisolone and be sent home for my efforts along with a warning to avoid eating everything but pure meats and vegetables because I'm allergic to everything else. Some foods, I can just touch them and my hands will break out. I'm just sayin'.

I got dressed, joked around with hubby for a few minutes, and after a few cups of coffee, I went on to see the doctor. A perfect morning. I'm even a little early leaving the house. How about that? As I'm driving toward town, I casually look down to check my speed and that's when I see that my car's emergency engine light is on. *cry*

I made it to the doctor, but Hubby, bless him, he had to come rescue me. He'd taken the day off because he couldn't rest last night. Now he has to spend the day trying to figure out why the engine light came on. All the fluids look good, and the car isn't running hot. Just one more thing added to my list before conference. Meh.

Speaking of conference and writerly things... I finally knocked out the short pitch for my story last night.

Now that I have that out of the way, I can focus on other things...namely these stories I need to wrap up and shove out the door. I keep telling myself, you put a book together one word at a time...


  1. I hear ya on the food allergies! But mine is just shell fish and ya I can't even touch it. Neither can my fiance now, bless him for being such a stand up guy!

    Grats on the pitch! I just finished the first draft of a short story for a contest. 500 word limit...makes me want to cry. Oh well it will end up being my next novel series so it is all good!

    Good luck with the car...and no more ice cream!

  2. Ok, wow. All those food allergies would rive me crazy too. I'd have to eat a little ice cream now and again too. I get the hives from stress so I know they aren't fun.

    I haven't found any foods that I'ma llergic too but I cannot shell raw shrimp without wearing gloves or else I get blisters on my hands. But after they are cooked I can eat them with no problems...but the allergy test showed no shellfish allergies. How weird is that?

  3. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Aww, I hate it for you, Cora. But you were very brave going after what you wanted no matter the consequences, lol. Glad you got your pitch knocked out.

  4. I have experience with weird food allergies. Myself, I'm extremely allergic to coffee. As soon as it hits my stomach its instant volcanic eruptions. One of my niece's food allergies is watermelons. If she touches one she has an anaphylactic reaction and she breaks out. Her mom has a hard time with the school because her daughter doesn't have common allergies. She has to go through the lunch menu every day and circle everything her daughter is allergic to. She can't have grapes either. Which has been a BIG contention with her mom and the school. Congrats on finishing your pitch! Best wishes at the convention.

  5. Good luck on your contest, BREA!

  6. Mary, that is so wild! I love shellfish, so I'm glad no reactions. When I go out to eat fish type stuff, that's what I like to get - shrimp scampi. :9

  7. Thanks, Marley! ^_^ Yeah, I kinda did that to myself with that ice cream, didn't I... *sigh* LOL

  8. SarahFay, that is so scary! *_* The reaction to the coffee and the grapes for the little girl.

    BTW, thank you for the well wishes!


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