Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Smoke-Free, But Sleepy

The schools are only going half a day today, so I have to get an early start on writing if I hope to meet the days goal.

Yikes!  The bus just arrived 15 minutes early. I guess Miss M is ready to get the day over with too. I just shuffled Mini out the door after a quick jacket zipper catastrophe. I told him to wait, but his jacket will never zip again. If this is any indication of what I can expect from the rest of the day, I'm going back to bed.

Okay, not really. I do have to get on with these projects.

Last night, I swear I reached my breaking point. After dealing with an ornery character who doesn't want to talk to me, I was ready to either chuck the whole manuscript in a burn barrel and strike a match, or sink to some other drastic measure to get this damn book out of the house. Right now I kind of feel like I'm spinning my wheels and I have to get out of that frame of mind. So today I'm going to do a few timed writing sprints. Gotta break out the whip and get over this rough patch.

Before I shut down to go make a pot of coffee, I wanted to say happy anniversary to me. Eleven years ago today I quit smoking. Anyone who has ever tried to quit knows how tough it can be. That's one accomplishment I'm very proud of, so I'm going celebrate tonight with a glass of wine. And a bag of Skittles.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Grats to you on the 11 years! And Skittles....MMMM. For some weird reason I love the green ones the best. Seriously though...they taste like who Pine-Sole smells...

    I dunno I am an odd one!

  2. LOL @ Pine-Sol!!! I think you might be on to something!

    I recently re-discovered the fizzy Skittles and think I may be addicted. I can't get enough of these things. Oh, and I have a preference for the blue ones. I have no idea why! ^_^

  3. Hurray! to you, Cora, and your anti-smoking anniversary! Skittles and wine are so much better, anyway. Hope you get some good writing done today. That means you may not, for any reason whatsoever, burn that manuscript. With all this wonderfully dreary weather -- for me, it's the best kind to get those wheels spinning -- you should be able to polish up those rough areas and tell that ornery character of yours to get his/her arse in gear. I'll certainly keep my fingers crossed for ya. ;)

  4. I am so proud and happy for ya. Congrats. Bear quit smoking a little over 11 yrs ago too. He quit on December 31, 1999. It was no picnic, and I'm talking about for me. lol. That's the time period when he earned the new nickname, Growly Bear. Before that he was simply Grizzly Bear. When we dated back when, he was my Teddy Bear, thus the evolution of da Bear. rofl.

    Anyhoo, so very glad you quit. Your kids and your lungs will thank you for it if they already haven't.


  5. Aw, foo, so there's no burning of the manuscript? :*)

    Thanks bunches, Alyssia. I think I just needed a break from it for a day. I came back in later and added another 1k to what was there. One way or another, I'll kick my characters out of their slump!

    Will see you at the History Center this weekend!

  6. Thanks, CC! And LOL @ the history of the Bear! ^_^


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