Thursday, February 24, 2011

Now Reading and Adventures in Tai Chi

Okay, so if you've ever read my blog before, you probably know I'm a writing craft book junkie. That being the case, it shouldn't surprise you that on my last trip to Books-A-Million, I loaded up on craft books.

I found a copy of From First Draft to Finished Novel  on the shelf so I picked it up. When I got it home, I tried reading through it but it kept referencing First Draft in 30 Days so I put it down with the intention of picking it up later. Maybe.

Fast forward a few weeks. I discovered I had a little money left on a gift card so I decided to go ahead and pick up a copy of  First Draft in 30 Days by Karen S. Wiesner. Well, the book arrived yesterday, and I'm just settling in to read it. What I did notice is that the other book I have - the From First Draft to Finished Novel - is actually a continuation of this book. Why, yes, I am a bonehead. I don't know why I never realized these books were part of a set until now. But I digress...

I'm hoping at least one of these books will help teach me a process to organize faster, and in a way that I can sit down and plow through the initial draft without having a dozen stops and starts. We'll see. Once I have a chance to try out at least one of these books, I'll post a review here, and over at Goodreads, so stay tuned.

On a completely different subject...

Tai chi. Personally, I love it. I've taken it up to help manage my stress levels, and I'm really enjoying it. I'm not all that experienced with it, but I'm getting better. Yesterday I got a new DVD to try out, and I asked Mini if he wanted to go Tai chi with me. He took a wary glance at the disk. "I don't looks too hard."

I convinced him to come with me anyway, I stood him up on the bed so he could get a better view of the TV, and I'd have more floor room to move. The beginning movements are so easy, Mini was super excited about that. It's funny, because his teacher had just sent a note home that day saying VERY ACTIVE TODAY. In other words, Mini ran rings around her and wasn't doing his work.

He was still hyper when I put him on the bed. But as the video played on, I told Mini to quiet down and focus on the movements. A few minutes later, he did. He started getting into this one move in particular. It's like an archer, preparing to fire a bow. Every time Mini did that move, the poor kid would yawn. It was totally cracking me up. Stretch - yawn. Stretch - YAWN.  

So while we were going through the brocade, hubby comes home and I left Mini doing his thing and went to say hi to the man. I was still cracking up about Mini's Tai chi yawns, so I told hubby about it. Hubby then decides to go check out Mini's new moves. Bless his hear, the boy is such a little ham. He loves to show out. So when we came to the doorway I told Mini, "Show daddy the archer move!"

He's more than willing to show his stuff. He's right on with it, too. He stretches out his little arms, goes through the move. Six repetitions, then he switches to the other side, and starts to do the move again. A second later, I see his smile waver. I know what's happening. He's trying very, very hard not to yawn. Come on, y'all. You know resistance is futile. 

In the end, the yawn gets the better of him. It's a big one too. I cracked up, and that made Mini crack up, too. Hubby thought it was hilarious. Maybe schools could take a lesson in the relaxing power of Tai chi. Take all the hyperlings out to the playground and put them through 30 minutes of it before class. LOL

Anyway, it's after three, and we're under a tornado watch, so I think I'll go stand at the door and wait for the bus. Lil man should be home in a few minutes. Keeping my fingers crossed the lights stay on, too. That's it for now. Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. I have considered tai chi but yoga and pilates might be better for me. I have not decided yet =/

  2. Tai chi seems like something I can actually stick with, so I'm happy about that. I wish there was somewhere locally that offered yoga. I'd sign up! :D

  3. Don't they have an app for that now? :) Seriously... If this Tai Chi bit works, I'd be willing to give it a go. And, hey, Cora... you know Nintendo Wii has a Yoga game, right? Couple of the girls at work do it, and say it's awesome.

  4. Hehehe... I'm sure they do have an app for that. (Now I want to check and see, lol.)

    I didn't know that about Wii. I've avoided getting one for the guys because of the evening TV competition scuffle - you know, whoever's the fastest gets the remote? But this yoga on the Wii may change everything. I'll let you know! ^_^

  5. I did the same thing! Lol! I bought First Draft to Finished Novel first, sat down to read it, and realized that I had to buy and read the other one first. Bought it. Started reading it but haven't finished. Classes have gotten in the way so I couldn't tell you how good they are.

  6. Hi SarahFay! I'm glad I'm not the only one who did that. LOL ^_^

    I sat down this evening and started working through the First Draft in 30 Days book, and I have to admit I'm pretty impressed. I already had my setting and character sketches, so I started on day 3 and did a complete plot sketch. That usually takes me about 1-2 weeks to do that. I'm very pleased so far.

    I don't know what the next step is, but I like what I've seen so far. I'll post more about the system when I get finished with this next book.

    *thumbs up*


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