Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Morning After Insomnia

It's a bright sunny morning, the ice is melting a bit and the girlie dogs can't figure out if they want to be inside, or outside. I grabbed the last cup of coffee in the pot, and went to my office, and wow - the difference it makes when you have a heater on all night in there! I didn't get met with the arctic blast of cold air that usually rolls out of the room when I open the door first thing in the morning. I hope that's a good omen for the day ahead.

As tired as I am, my goal today is to write one solid chapter from start to finish. I'm not too concerned about the word count. Mainly, I want to get this part of the story moving forward. In an hour or so, I'm planning to head out to Monroe to pick up the book I ordered: Writing Fiction for Dummies. I bought the digital copy from Google books and was disappointed to see I can't download it - it has to be read online. An expensive mistake when I'm a very "need to highlight that" kinda gal. Yes, I'm one of those people who write notes in the margin. Ha ha. I know that irritates some people, but I can't help myself. At any rate, yes, I bought the book a 2nd time, and I've been waiting a short eternity for it to arrive at the bookstore. If I'd known it would've taken this long, I have to admit, I'd have bought the damn thing off Amazon - be done with, ya know? 

I'm sure Mini will be thrilled to get out of the house. The poor beast has been going stir crazy. He wants to play in the snow and ice, but I'm keeping a close eye on his cough. I hope I have the energy to keep up with him. I went to bed around three in the morning. I couldn't sleep, so I stayed up working on a story until I started seeing things out of the corner of my eye. Like, I'd think I'd see something move in the hallway, like one of the girlie dogs - only I'd turn my head and realize I'm seeing light shifting because of the TV in the den. Yep. Time for bed after I called to Sassie Lass and she wasn't even there.

That's it for now. I need to go toss some clothes in the wash, and find something to wear to Books A Million that isn't Snoopy pajama pants and a Nightmare Before Christmas t shirt. So glam, right?

Happy Saturday ;o)


  1. I would totally walk all up in that place sporting my Hello Kitty PJ pants and probably one of my fiances t-shirts....with my Nightmare Before Christmas shoulder bag!!!

  2. And I would totally salute you! ^_^ I ended up wearing jeans and a Batman T shirt...comfortable driving clothes.

  3. We need to have a pajama party, girl. I'll bring the J.D. lol

  4. I buy stuff from Amazon all the time. So much easier to find it and have it shipped.


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