Monday, February 07, 2011

Magic 7 - Past Present Future

Magic 7 spread using the Manga Tarot - self reading
Like I mentioned in a previous post, I bought the Manga Tarot when I went to Books a Million on Saturday. What a beautiful deck!

While the cards are Rider Waite based, the cards are slimmer and taller than a standard tarot deck, and the made from a thinner card stock.

The backs are purple with yellow, double sun pin striping. You can kinda sorta see the backs in the first picture of the open box image I've added below.

Some of the backs are darker than others - one or two didn't get as much ink when the card sheet rolled off the press, so they are noticeably paler shade of purple. Also, I noticed some of the cards have a white edge on top of the cards, a clear separation point where the cards should be sliced. This is fine for me since my cards end up well used anyway, but that might seriously upset some users who are picky about their deck, or buy it for display.

The set comes in a box as shown on the left. You can click the images to enlarge them. I've seen a blue version Manga Tarot, but I don't know what the difference is. This one is a rosy shade of pink with purple clouding mixed in as a highlight. The cover of the box shows a man with pink hair and a sword. Along the front facing edge are samples of the card art. Very pretty!

To open the box, there is a separation where the left side meets the front facing. Hook a fingernail in, and open the box. You'll notice there is a ribbon tab on top - that is for the book storage compartment. When you open the top, there is another ribbon tab to help you pull the book out.

The book is about 58 pages, and is fairly comprehensive for a book it's size. It gives you the history of the tarot, diagrams for a few spreads, then it goes on to  tells you about the cards with meaning for both uprights and reversals.

I'm quite happy with this deck. In my spare time I did a few readings for myself just to familiarize myself with the look and feel of the cards. My son, who is big into anime and manga, loved the look of this deck as well. I like the slender size of the cards, because I have small hands. A standard tarot deck is a little too large for me to shuffle in the classic sense. I can shuffle this one, so I do. The box makes for easy storage, even if the cards are a little hard to remove from their tray. [There is no ribbon to help pop them out of those two slots.] The kit doesn't come with a drawstring pouch, though, so if you prefer to store your cards that way, you'll have to buy a separate bag or make your own...something I've been itching to do, I must admit. :3

The list price on the box is $21.99, but I paid roughly $17 for this kit. It came shrink wrapped, so look for one wrapped if you do pick up a kit. The first time I saw this kit in person, I was at Hastings in Alexandria, LA. I didn't know the box was supposed to be shrink wrapped, and when my friend and I tried to open the box, cards went everywhere inside the box. We opened it and it was a mess. There's a good chance it had cards missing, so back on the shelf it went.

Overall, this is a very nice tarot set. I would definitely pick this up for a gift for a little girl, teenager, or an adult into manga. They'll love the art, and it's a good, working deck as well, so it's win-win.

On a completely different topic, this week the new Harlequin Nocturne Bites guidelines should be going up at  - just a head's up if you're interested in writing for that line.

Later on in the week I'll share pictures of the snow in our area - well, it's melted now. And I know some of you who are sitting there looking out at the 6ft snow drifts in your front yard will be shaking your head at me and our wimpy snow, but still. Oh, and I have more books from the weekend shopping trip to talk about. That's all for now. I hope you have a happy Monday!


  1. What a pretty tarot deck! I need to post about a few of my recent purchases once they arrive (bought online). I do enjoy tarot, but I'd love to do some tea leaf reading if my partner in crime lived here.

    If I ever make it to Louisiana, girl, you know you are gonna sit down and steep tea with me. lol.

    Only if we do spin off into the faery woods, I get the hero Fae Lord. ::sticks out tongue:: na-na-na-na-na! lmao

  2. I would LOVE a tea leaf reading, girl. One of these days... If you don't get yourself down here, if I have to, I'll make a special trip to Kentucky. I've never been, so that would be awesome x2.


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