Friday, February 25, 2011

Laugh Now, World Domination Later

You laugh now, but when they hatch, they're gonna obey MY every command
I admit it. I'm jealous.

There is so much going on right now, normally I'd be falling apart from the stress of it. The thing is, it seriously feels like a good thing, a clearing out the cobwebs kind of energy, and like something new and transformative is around the corner for me - not writing wise, necessarily, but regarding life in general. Funny that, because when Cass did a reading for me the other day with her brand spanking new oracle cards, the frog is one of the cards she pulled. The frog is all about metamorphosis, changing, growth, independence, and clearing out the clutter. Think about the intensity of that kind of transformation - a tadpole swimming in a pond with others, then it grows legs, sheds it's tail and hops out on the bank for the first time. That's a major change!  And I'm curious to see where it leads.

Hubby is taking off a little early today to take my car up to Autozone to hook it up to the machine there. Hopefully they'll find out why my engine light is on. I'd drive it myself, but I'm a big chicken. Plus, he's two hours away right now, and if I broke down, I'd be stranded in town until he could reach me. So, I'll be on standby with the Jeep while he tests my car and picks up whatever is needed to fix it. Times like this, I really wish we had a mechanic in the family.

The past few days I've been working hard to get a few projects out the door. I promised to have a proposal together on one of them by Monday, so this weekend, I'll be pulling that together so I can turn it in. Hopefully that will net my first contract of the year. I'll get to work on the second proposal once I'm back from the Written in the Stars Conference. Wish me luck!

Speaking of writerly things, I'm sending off my forms for PAN today. I had no idea I was eligible, but I got a survey from RWA the other day and the questions made me I looked into it. Cool beans. I do have this strange fear that I'll send in my forms and get back a rejection letter. Because I'm paranoid like that. Heh. Yes, I'm sending it in anyway. Someone hold me.

Oh, this is completely off topic, but kinda cool. Or at least it is to me. It explains a lot, and should make my family very pleased to know that I am not paddling around in a boatload full of crazy. Anyway, there is this smell in our house. It is a phantom smell apparently, since I am the only one who can smell it. It's like something burny, or like...get pee. We do not have a cat.

I experienced it this morning, and realized after I'd put Mini on the bus that the smell wasn't actually IN the house. I went around sniffing curtains, the garbage can (yeah, yeah, I know - lmao), and even the dogs. Nothing had the same smell. It's like the smell was in my nose. And then I sat down to get to work and the headache landed full blown.

It's the first time I've ever wondered if maybe the smell had anything to do with my headache, but it makes sense.There are only certain times I smell that burny odor, usually in certain areas of the house or after it rains. Or when I'm under a lot of stress.

Migraines with auras are pretty intense. I can usually feel one coming on before it hits, and it can end up in pain, or just lights flickering in my vision. Most of the time, I tell everyone in the house what's up, take a BC powder and go to bed. I'll feel drained sometimes even two days after it happens. Once or twice, the side of my face has gone numb and tingly during a migraine, coupled with my eye twitching. Not fun at all.

I knew this headache was a migraine, even though it wasn't as intense in the pain department. But I have never even once thought to attribute the phantom smells in the house with a migraine before today. But there it is. During those instances, instead of a scintillating scotoma, I'm apparently having what is called an olfactory aura syndrome. It's not common, but it's related to migraines. And that is good to know, because now I don't have to go chasing down smells that aren't really there!

That's it for now. I have a lot to do today, and once again, I'm making a late start of it. Oh! One more thing before I go... Tomorrow, I'll be featuring YA/adult crossover author Linnea Hall. She has a kewl new paranormal romance out called Love Immortal. I hope you'll drop by and check it out.  

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. I hate the phantom smell! But I have never associated it to migraines... and it is always a cat pee smell and I do have cats, but they only pee pee in their litter boxes. Which I scoop daily. And I will smell it in weird places. Like I will think it is coming from a certain corner..then as I get closer it doesn't smell at all. I get migraines too so next time that happens I am going to pay close attention and see if I get a headache soon after!

    Good luck on PAN!

  2. Yep, the frog is hoppin' into your life and doin' the salsa. heehee. As for the smells, well you know I have the same thing with tastes. I sometimes get a tinny taste in my mouth or taste it on the air and that usually signals I'm about to have a seizure. So at the first sign of a tinny taste, I go lay down in the middle of the bed, if I'm at home, or I go lay down on the floor or in a chair if I am out and about, because if I go grand mal, it hurts when I break things. eek!


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