Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday :: Coffee and Slacking

Today is the start of winter break. That means the Mini kidlet is out of school, and doesn't go back until Wednesday next week. Strange how winter break is only a weeks outside of spring break, but I digress...

I put on a pot of coffee a few minutes ago and I've got my notes at the ready. Today I have a writing goal of 2k words, and I want to rework the last sentence of my short pitch.

Writer friend Marley Delarose sent me a link to this blog post by Intern X on the Bent on Books blog. I just got around to reading it the other day. It's an older blog post about 10 common query mistakes, plus a few interesting behind the scenes tidbits. When Intern X mentioned vague phrases in query letters as a no-no, I started scribbling notes. I'm pretty sure that rule applies to pitching as well.

It is so hard to break a book down into a few simple sentences. I've done that, for the most part, but it looks like I need to "de-vague" my concluding sentence. Ah-hem. This was supposed to be easy, you know?  Where is my magic wand when I need it?

We don't have any big "go somewhere" plans this weekend, so I imagine I'll spend it at the computer. I think my godfather is coming over tomorrow, so I'm picking up a planter of violets and baking him a birthday cake. His birthday was last week, but he couldn't make it over to celebrate. He should drop by on Saturday. He says he doesn't pay any attention to dates or bother with "that old birthday mess", but he always calls around his birthday. I think that's because we celebrate his birthday each year no matter what. I'm sure if something comes up and he doesn't show, the kidlets won't have any problem taking care of that birthday cake for him. No harm in making the effort, know what I mean. ~_^

Look at that. It's already pushing toward 10 am. Lots to do, so I'm off for now... Happy Friday, everyone!

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