Thursday, February 10, 2011

Busy Writing Day

The girlie dogs vie for the best spot to watch TV with daddy.
It's been a busy writing day, so I'm a little late blogging. I wrote a little over 3k divided between two stories. I've decided to take the Wicked Obsession (vampire story) a little longer than I'd originally planned. I think the story will be better told that way. I did a little work on the werewolf book too.

I'm cleaning up a third story and prepping it for submission. It's completed and 95% polished. With any luck, I should have it out the door over the weekend. It's a horror short, not the gory kind, sort of creepy and emotional, so we'll see what happens. I needed to recharge, so I took a step back and wrote something completely different for a change. I hope I can find a home for it somewhere.

Once Mini came home, I took time out to make the beds, fold the laundry and put it away, give Mini a snack, go through homework, and get the floors swept and mopped.

After supper and bath time, both for me and the Mini bear, I'll come back to the computer and work on my conference pitches, and try to get another chapter written on Project X. With so much change in the air, I'm focusing on tying up loose ends. Finishing series, and rounding out all the projects that have been clinging on over the past year. Maybe that's part of the Rabbit year spirit affecting me - out with old, so I can start working on the new.

On an entirely different subject, no new word on the new Nocturne Bites guidelines.The pitch contest has changed from set dates to TBA, which is a plus for writers still needing to finish. I'm keeping my eye on things, no matter if I have something in time for the contest or not.

That's all for now. Just think...tomorrow's Friday!

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