Monday, January 24, 2011

A Weekend in the Trenches

YAY! We're back on the internets! I'm an internet addict, and I won't even lie. We had an outage over the weekend, and apparently it killed our router, modem...something. Anyway, after a day of wrangling with AT&T tech support, who knew nothing about the type of set up I had, even though they had provided it for me, I told them I was sick of the chase. The kids were hungry, I was hungry, we had done nothing but play the phone transfer game all day. I managed to get us back up temporarily using an ethernet cable, but I wanted my doggone wireless back. I called AT&T for about the tenth time, told them if they wanted to know my situation, check the call logs. The only thing I wanted to hear from anyone was what time they could set up an appointment for a tech guy to come out to my house and set up the wireless.

They apologized for the crappy service, and then scheduled an appointment for Monday morning, 8am-12pm. Cool beans. Although I figured, he would actually get here about 2pm. Oh no. This guy was ON it. I tell ya. I got a call at 8am from the guy. He was five minutes from my house. He came in, tinkered with the settings a few minutes, then said our router was dead. He went out to his van, brought in a new one, and in less than 30 minutes, we had our net back. And there was much rejoicing!

While being internetless over the weekend, I reorganized my office, finished reading (and making notes from) Deb Dixon's GMC. If you don't have that book, and you plan to write, I highly, highly recommend it. Her charts will absolutely strengthen your fiction.

Moving along in my TBR stack, I'm currently reading AZTEC GOLD by various authors for review. I've been looking forward to this one! There are five stories in this book, and I'll be talking about them individually over at Goodreads once I've finished reading.

Today I'm bundling things together to mail off for the Midnight Moon Cafe. I'm also going by the bank to cash my first royalty check from EC. After that, I have to run by the store and pick up a few things. Top priority: I need a new surge protector. Desperately. Then it's back home and back to work.

Ah...the main thing is, I have internet again. And there's coffee to go with it. After two days with no computer, it finally feels like home again. ^_~


  1. When my computer took off and died 2 months ago I didn't think we were gonna be able to get it fixed. But thankfully since my mother board was fried and we figured that out we were able to ask our daughter's boyfriend who is so good with comuters if there was anything he could do.
    He had extra computer parts around his place and was able to frankenstein us together another computer, which is even faster than the last one we had. but it took 2 weeks to get the computer back...omg, I was going nuts...Intenet withdrawals are not pretty...

  2. Hey Cora, I've just given you a Stylish Blogger Award! :)


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