Sunday, January 30, 2011

Paper Avalanche

funny pictures - Okay, but when the Xanax wears off I'm gonna have to hurt you.

My desk is a total mess. It's nearly avalanche proportions, and I had everything all bare and clean on Monday. Wow. So that's the order of business today - sorting through all the notes, papers, stickies, and index cards scattered everywhere with bits of this and snippets of that. I'm always so organized in a not organized way. And just for the record - I wrote that the first time as "organised". I've been reading erotica anthologies with a lot of British authors lately and it shows. Heh. ;o)

I've been practicing building conflicts in my romances by creating character scenarios then writing down as many things that I think could spin off from the inciting incidents. It's nothing more than a critical thinking exercise when I have nothing else going on, and I'm getting better at it, I think. I've come up with some interesting stuff, and I'm figuring out how to pin the story concept down with a solid theme and story goal.

Today I hope to put a few thousand words on my werekind story. I'd like to have at least half of this book finished by mid-February. Toward the evening, I'll have to dog off that story and put in a little brainstorming on the contemporary I have under my hat. I'm wondering if maybe I should put all the notes for the contemporary in a spiral notebook, because I've misplaced some of the original notes I jotted down a few weeks ago. Then again, I could miraculously find them again when I clean up the office today. We will see.

Anyway, that's all for now to get started on the day's tasks. It's a rainy, dreary, and cold Sunday. Perfect weather for writing! ^_^


  1. Good luck with your organizing! That's always my biggest obstacle. And thanks for the stylish blogger award! {{hugs}}

    I always stop by your blog for inspiration.

  2. It's Monday now and I'm still organizing. Isn't that just the way? ^_^

    Glad you liked the blog award. You deserve it! ((hugs))


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