Wednesday, January 12, 2011

lipstick on my hard drive

My laptop has been overheating lately. When it reaches that critical point, it just shuts off. Power out. Black screen. To help preserve the machine, I bought a Belkin Cooling Laptop Pad.

I thought it might be too short to be stable, but it was the only kind of laptop cooling pad that had a fan in it at our local store. I brought it home, set it up under my laptop and plugged it into the USB port. Voila! It works just like it's supposed to, but when you reach up on the laptop to type, there is a slight whining sound because of the plastic covering the fan vibrates against the plastic underside of the computer. It's tolerable though, and I'd much rather have a cool, if somewhat whiny laptop, than one that's burnt out with all my info on it. Speaking of info and computers, I picked up a cheap external hard drive while I was at the store looking for the cooling pad. Just in case. In 2012, if the world is still  hovering in space and the human species hasn't gone extinct, I'll probably have to spring for a new laptop.

Right after I made my last blog post, the one with the Verve lipstick by MAC, Fleshpot (MAC, satin finish) arrived. In the tube, it's a nude with a pink undertone, and looks a bit like concealer when put on the lips full strength. You can Google Fleshpot to see about five billion pictures of it on the lips and swatched, so I won't drive myself nuts trying to get a shot with good lighting. It's nearly impossible in this dark office anyway.

I love Fleshpot. I love, love, love it. When you blot it on white tissue, it's a pink-peachy tone. Very nice. It's a bit dry feeling on the lips, but that's easy enough to fix. Fleshpot is highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. I pat it on the lips then add a sheer gloss over the top of it to give it moisture and shine. I'm current addicted to Hard Candy Fortune Gloss in Fate, which looks very purple in the tube, but is actually an extremely sheer lavender. It has a faint blackberry smell and flavor, and I love the way it looks great over Fleshpot. I'm going to meet with a fellow writer this weekend, and I'm thinking about wearing Fleshpot/Fate with peach toned smoky eyeshadow.

On to other things, tomorrow I'm going to get up early and spend the day writing. I'd hoped to be further along with this book by now. Tonight I'm going to work on the synopsis for it and get that much out of the way. Tomorrow morning, I'll probably fire up my Write or Die program to try and get over this story hump. Wish me luck!

That's all for now. I'm going to hop into Second Life and listen to Cassie do readings from her book Cup of Fate. If you are in SL, she is set up over at Elementals, Meleda and will be reading tonight from from 8-9pm CST. :*) Night, night, everyone!

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