Monday, January 17, 2011

Double Trouble and The Vampire Tarot

Up to no good and it shows! ~_^
Here we are - Monday again! I dreaded seeing the Monday train coming because the weekend was such a blast.

On Saturday, I took Oldest with me and met up with writer friend Marley Delarose in Alexandria. She brought her laptop and  we went over to Hastings to get coffee and powwow over books, writing, tarot, guidelines, and just everything writerly under the sun. After that, we dropped Oldest off at the mall and went rounds at the bookstores, lunch at the deli, and Hobby Lobby.

I did a quick tarot reading for her at the deli then we went around to pick up Oldest. It was a fun, full day of girl talk, lunch, and shopping. At the very end of it all, I snapped this picture of us in the car. I had to get in kind of an odd angle, but it was worth it - I love this picture! We look so happy. ^_^

While shopping at Books a Million, I picked up The Vampire Tarot deck. I have hemmed and hawed over getting this deck for several years now. Well, I finally bit the bullet and brought it home...and I'm so glad I did! I wasn't sure if I would like the artwork. I've studied this deck before, like I said, and I initially liked the art on only a few cards, but the more I see the cards, the more they grow on me. I also really like the feel of this deck. It's atmospheric, but at the same time still Rider-Waite based, which I heavily prefer.
Cards offering me insight into querying agents this year.
I did a reading for Cassie in Second Life last night, and the reading went very well. Overall these are very usable, stylish vampire themed tarot cards. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of these. I'm very impressed! If you're interested in picking up The Vampire Tarot for yourself, you can get one here:

Oh! On the way home from hanging out with Marley, Oldest and I stopped by Fred's so I could see if they had this specific 6 drawer cart in stock. I've been using a conversation table by my desk to hold my papers, manuscripts, and other stuff, and it was all in heap that only I could navigate. Har har. Anyway, I saw this cute lil thing in a circular going the rounds in my area, and I had to have it.

Of course it came unassembled and in a box. I knew it would be nightmarish to put it together, so being the smart mom that I am, once we were back home, I asked Oldest if he'd like to make some money. He's said "Sure!" and then I set him to work putting my cart together. As you can see, he did a great job. And I was surprised to see that the cart is made from real wood, not particle board. Coolness. I put my computer paper in it, and all my bits and pieces of loose manuscripts. The stack of stuff on top of the cart?  Well, it's not there today, but for what it's worth, those are my writing binders for holding printed articles and such. And the yellow paddy envelopes are packages being sent off for the Midnight Moon Cafe.

That's all for now. It's already one pm. I need to get my act going on. All day yesterday I worked on my project for Harlequin American's Johanna Raisanen. I'll be pitching to her at the 2011 Written in the Stars conference in March. Today, I need to focus on getting a few scenes finished for the new werekind book. Later everyone!


  1. Dang, wish I'd been there to go with ya'll. Looks like you had a blast. Awesome. I love your little cabinet. Helps to be organized...yes, I know the term, I simply don't apply it to myself. rofl


  2. Ooh, that would have been fun too! Wish you could have been here! ^_^ We did have a great time, and I do love the little cart. Much neater than the table I had in here.


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